PPE Organizers

High Quality Bowman Dispensers Organizers

Bowman Dispensers' durable Organizers are designed to store and organize your personal protective equipment in compartments to make it easily accessible.

From hand sanitizers to gloves to ear loops, Bowman Dispensers' FD Series Organizers offer solutions to the most common personal protective equipment needs. The design of these stations includes a keyhole for wall mounting.

Keep your sterile areas clean and safe using the ED Series Infection Prevention System. These facial tissues, gloves, sanitizers, and wet wipe holders make it simple to keep your employees or family healthy.

The LP Series Surgical Protective Wear Organizer is designed to hold gloves, masks, and other protective equipment in bulk. The top-loading design provides easy access to all items, while the hinged lid prevents dust and debris from getting inside during use. This organizer also offers a cutout to fit easily onto a Bowman hanger.

The LD Series Protective Wear Organizer holds gowns, aprons, overalls, jumpsuits, three boxes of gloves, and one box of earloop face masks. It also has keyholes for wall mounting or a cutout for use with a Bowman hanger.

With the BD Series Protective Wear Isolation Bundles, you can keep a clean look while staying protected in the workplace or at home. The ABS plastic used in these bundles is chemical and stress-crack-resistant. They are a cost-effective solution that is ADA and CMS wall protrusion compliant and includes a protective wear organizer to hold gowns, aprons, overall jumpsuits, ear loop masks, and shield masks.

The PS Series Protective Wear Organizers will hold gowns, aprons, or overalls; jumpsuits; boxes of gloves; earloop face masks; face shields; and miscellaneous items. PA Series Protective Wear Organizers hold two boxes of gloves or tissues and miscellaneous items for dispensing.

The MP, MB, and HH series include Protective Wear Organizer Accessories like Sign Holders, Clip-Ons, and Hangers for glass doors, windows, and walls.

When you need a place to store your protective equipment, Bowman Dispensers' Organizers has you covered.

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