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The RG Series Transmission-Based Precautions Quick Reference Card offers a quick reference to the HICPAC/CDC guidelines for precautions required for frequently isolated organisms.

The GN Series Gown Dispensers from Bowman Dispensers hold gowns, aprons, or coveralls.

The NC Series Bedpan/Urinal Dispenser holds bedpans, urinals, and specimen collection containers. The Bulk Face Plate transforms the Bowman cart's face mask section into a bulk compartment. Decal Size Indicators have a standard permanent adhesive back and are the same size as U.S. pennies. The Tool and Supply Dispenser with six adjustable dividers provides customizable-sized compartments. The Specimen Transport Tote is crafted as a large, insulated, heavy-duty, cleanable PVC-coated nylon tote with a liner. The CPR Mask Dispenser holds a CPR mask clamshell with screw holes for wall mounting in clear PETG plastic.

The PD Series Protective Wear Dispensers hold caps, shoe covers, and miscellaneous items.

The SS Series Eye and Ear holds one bottle of lens cleaning solution, two boxes of lens cleaning wipes, and ear plugs in bulk.

The BP Series Protective Wear Dispenser holds one box of bouffant caps or shoe covers, and the BK Series Respiratory Supplies Dispenser holds miscellaneous respiratory supplies in a single compartment. The BD Series large-capacity bottle dispenser holds one gallon of hand sanitizer.

The HP Series Hairnet Dispenser holds individual hair net packages in a single compartment. The CL Series Hand and Nail Brush Dispenser holds hand and nail brushes. The SP Series Shoe Cover Holder holds one box of shoe covers.

FS Series Wax Paper Dispenser holds one box of deli-wax paper sheets with two-way keyholes for vertical or horizontal wall mounting.

The ED Series Epinephrine Injector Dispenser holds ten epinephrine injectors with a dual-sided divider sleeve for identification signage and a cut-out carry handle on the back.

No matter the size or scope of your facility, Bowman Dispensers protective wear dispensers, tote bags, and more provide easy solutions for your PPE management.

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