Plastic Barriers

Bowman Dispensers' Plastic Barriers Simplify Segregation

There are a wide variety of plastic barriers available from Bowman Dispensers. The plastic physical barriers can be locked or secured in place to prevent unauthorized access to your items.

The Physical Barrier with a wide base provides stability, and attached rubber feet protect the surfaces. This protective barrier, constructed in the USA, is made of clear polycarbonate plastic and a PVC hinge. The small support legs insert into the barrier for portability and quick setup, and folds flat for convenient storage. For the hinged type, a flexible hinge bends to create a protective barrier between seated personnel. Multiple barriers can be used to section off areas of a table. The pass-through opening at the bottom lets you easily exchange items while protecting the users. This protective barrier is available in medium, small, and large sizes.

The Physical Barrier Cutaway, crafted in clear acrylic, has a wide base to provide stability. The cutaway feature allows authorized personnel to quickly and easily remove the barrier in an emergency or for routine maintenance. Its attached rubber foot protects surfaces. The physical barriers are available in XL, L, Medium, and Small sizes.

Cutaway suction cups on the physical barrier allow the barrier to be securely mounted to a flat surface. The suction cups made in the USA are crafted in clear acrylic. The medium, small, and large sizes with a wide base provide stability, and the ability to replace the suction cups with screws offers a more permanent solution for those who need it.

A physical barrier sign holder with a wide base provides stability, and the attached rubber feet protect the surfaces where it is placed. The integrated sign holder allows for the display of important messages.

With Bowman Dispensers' variety of high-quality physical barriers, you are sure to find the one that fits your needs.

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