Hygiene Stations

Hygiene Stations from Bowman’s

The Bowman's hygiene station provides access to supplies for maintaining personal hygiene and cleanliness. Items like hand sanitizers, soap, water, tissues, masks, and more are available at these stations. They play an important role in preserving public health and safety. Bowman's Dispensers provide a range of stations.

The KS series includes the KS022, a dual-sided floor stand that holds one to two automatic hand sanitizers or respiratory hygiene stations. The KS101 can hold hand sanitizer, hand lotion, or foam dispensing units. The KS102 is similar to the KS101, but it includes a drip dispenser. The KS010 floor stand can hold the Bowman Infection Prevention Tray. The KS122 Infection Prevention Station holds one box of ear loop face masks, one to two boxes of facial tissues, or one box of gloves. KS123 holds one box of masks and one box of gloves, or one to two boxes of facial tissues. It adheres to the Bowman Hand Sanitizer Floor Stand with the included double-sided tape. The KS201 Floor Stand also holds Bowman Infection Prevention or Respiratory Hygiene Stations.

The Public Safety Kit from the BD Series comes with a dual-sided floor stand, a locking bulk face mask dispenser, and a sign holder. Barrel screws provide flexible attachment on both sides. The BD series covers the Cover Your Cough Compliance Kits, which are made of powder-coated steel. They include respiratory hygiene stations that hold two boxes of masks, one to two boxes of facial tissues, and a dispensing unit or hand sanitizer.

The FD062 Respiratory Hygiene Station is of the locking type. It holds one bottle of hand sanitizer with a locking cover, two boxes of facemasks, and one to two boxes of facial tissues. You can mount it to the wall, a counter, or the Bowman Floor Stand.

The RS Series holds one bottle of hand sanitizer or canister of surface wipes, two boxes of face masks, one to two boxes of facial tissues, or one box of gloves. They can be placed on a counter or mounted to a Bowman Floor Stand. Some have a dispensing mounting area for the automatic hand sanitizing unit.

Sign holders in the MP series, SN series are available at Unoclean. The NC015 Bulk Mask Adapter converts face mask sections into two bulk or controlled-dispensing sections and inserts directly into the face mask sections of metal Bowman Respiratory Hygiene Stations.

Bowman's hygiene stations are useful in public restrooms, workplaces, educational facilities, hospitals, and other areas with high traffic. They will eliminate germs, reducing the likelihood of cross-contamination.

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