Bulk PPE Dispensers

Unclutter Your Space with Bowman Bulk Dispensers

Bulk Dispensers by Bowman are the perfect solution for storing and dispensing personal protective equipment and supplies in your home. We offer both high-quality clear PETG plastic and stainless-steel bulk dispensers. Bowman bulk dispensers made of high-quality PETG plastic have a high-gloss surface finish. This material is shatter-resistant and will not break or crack under impact. The stainless steel used in our bulk dispensers is perfect for fighting corrosion and is fire and heat-resistant. Our unique design allows for easy storage, and the lid helps keep the product fresh and bug-free.

You can take your pick from our wide range of sizes. There are four different variations for the bulk dispensers. Each material has single, double, triple, and quad-size options. The internal division of each multi-compartment unit allows for simple product separation. These dispensers have a pivot-hinged lid and keyholes for wall mounting. We offer two distinct styles: the flow-through and the top exclusive. The items are loaded into the flow-through from the top and dispensed through the top or bottom front opening. Products in the top exclusive category are only loaded from the top and are beneficial in environments with a lot of dust and splashing water. Large quantities of items like caps, candies, and coffee pads are dispensed using our bulk dispenser options.

A Single Bulk Dispenser is perfect for holding protective equipment, miscellaneous items, or bulk food in an organized manner in a single bulk compartment. The Double Bulk Dispenser holds such items in two compartments, the Triple Bulk Dispenser in three, and the Quad Bulk Dispenser in four. A Large Bulk Dispenser holds large items like N95 valve respirator masks, eye shields, and cone masks, and the Mini Bulk Dispenser holds small items.

The idea of an environment free of clutter is something that appeals to all of us, whether it’s for the office, commercial spaces, schools, or even the home, and Bowman Bulk Dispensers is the right choice for that.

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