Recessed Dispensers

Bowman Dispensers' Semi-Recessed Dispensers Provide Convenient Storage

Need a way to store your PPE, medical supplies, or gowns? The Semi-Recessed Dispensers from Bowman Dispensers are perfect for the job.

The Semi-Recessed Protective Wear Organizer from Bowman Dispensers is a type of protective equipment dispenser designed to hold and organize personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gowns, gloves, face masks, and other medical supplies. This organizer is low-profile and meets ADA and CMS 4-inch wall protrusion requirements. Its cabinet is made of quartz-beige powder-coated steel, providing durability and resistance to wear and tear. The cabinet's slotted keyless cam lock and screw holes on both sides provide secure mounting to wall stud framing.

The Semi-Recessed Protection System with extra-large capacity holds protective wear items in four bulk compartments and gowns in two compartments. This dispenser is made of quartz beige powder-coated steel with a slotted keyless cam lock, and screw holes in the sides make it easy to mount to stud framing in the wall.

This Semi-Recessed Glove Dispenser holds gloves on the wall and allows a 44-inch wall protrusion. It is made of quartz-coated steel for durability. The dispenser is ADA and CMS-compliant and has keyless locking.

The Semi-Recessed Earloop and Triple Glove Dispenser hold earloop face masks and gloves with a low-profile keyless locking mechanism. You can screw holes in the sides to mount to the stud framing in the wall.

The semi-recessed hand sanitizer dispenser can accommodate a hand sanitizer pump or a foam unit front-loading dispenser. It is constructed of quartz powder-coated steel with a built-in well that helps to capture leaked or dripping liquid and avoid slippage. The dispenser has low-profile side screw holes for mounting to wall-stud framing.

Semi-Recessed Respiratory Hygiene holds facemasks, and facial tissues or gloves, and the Semi-Recessed PPE dispensing system holds gowns, aprons, coveralls, jumpsuits, and more for a variety of PPE, with a built-in storage area.

Bowman Dispensers offers a complete line of Semi-Recessed Dispensers designed for convenience with limitless possibilities.

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