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Say Goodbye to Long Hours of Tedious Labor with AM2400D Viper Air Mover


Would you like to clean your workspace without worrying about cumbersome equipment or excessive noise? It would be best if you had something lightweight, portable, and powerful enough to get the job done quickly, like the VIPER AM2400D 3-Speed Air Mover.

This Air Mover is a powerful versatile surface drying tool that is designed to dry floors, carpets and wall surfaces quickly by circulating air. A 3-speed motor delivers up to 2,400 CFM, making it capable of handling even the most demanding drying and ventilation tasks. The 3-speed induction motor with reduced power consumption makes it a cost-effective drying solution. Its motor with thermal protection also offers safety and long life to the equipment. The air blower's robust roto-molded housing is built to withstand wear and tear. The air mover has four position settings, so you can easily direct the airflow where it is needed most. To maximize efficiency, it is possible to daisy chain up to three units of this air mover. The stackable design allows you to store multiple units in a small space easily. Furthermore, it is compact and lightweight, making it a breeze to maneuver and transport.

The VIPER AM2400D 3-Speed Air Mover is a reliable and effective air mover cleaning tool that is well-suited for use in various settings. It is an excellent choice for anyone who needs to dry their floors and carpets or for cooling and ventilation requirements. This air mover is engineered for daily use at schools, offices, auto detailers, construction sites, flood restoration areas, and more.

AM2400D 3-Speed Air Mover from Viper is the perfect solution for keeping your space clean without breaking a sweat! This lightweight yet powerful air mover is the right fit for any job, big or small. You can quickly move air around your home and offices with three-speed settings, four-angle settings, and a 21-foot power cord.

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