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Wet and Dry Vacuums from Viper

The Viper Shovelnose wet/dry canister vacuum cleaner is a type of vacuum cleaner that can handle both wet and dry problems. These are cleaning instruments for professional cleaning jobs. These versions have powerful engines and heavy-duty power. They may absorb liquids like water or spills, as well as dry dirt, dust, and debris. The adaptability of wet/dry canister vacuums is one of their advantages. They can be used to clean a variety of surfaces, from carpets and upholstery to damp spills.

They come with a canister body, a hose, and several attachments for cleaning different surfaces and materials. The front-mounted squeegee on this canister vacuum aids in the cleanup of water-logged areas. They are easy to transport and maneuver in confined places. These canisters have a strong suction that allows them to suck up both wet and dry material, giving them a high cleaning productivity rate.

The huge canisters make it possible to clean up larger messes without having to empty them frequently. They are simple to use, making them an ideal solution for cleaning up messes in both domestic and business settings. They are designed to be long-lasting and require little upkeep. Overall, the Shovelnose wet/dry canister vacuums can be a simple and effective alternative for settings looking for a cleaning tool that can handle both wet and dry problems.

They are undeniably an excellent instrument for sweeping up dirt and tiny building debris. These canister vacuums are built to withstand regular use in schools, office buildings, medical facilities, and other commercial settings. The Shovelnose is a market leader in wet/dry vacuums due to its power, ease of use, and outstanding value.

Viper’s Shovelnose wet/dry canisters can clean up both wet and dry messes, making them extremely adaptable and useful in a wide range of scenarios.

VIPER wet or dry vacuum complete with cleaning tools for commercial level cleaning jobs. Front mounted squeegee canister vacuums for easy clean up of water flooded areas.

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