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Viper Fang 18C Walk Behind Electric Scrubber - 18" Cleaning Path
Discontinued Item
2 reviews
Viper Fang 20 Automatic Floor Scrubber - 105 A/h Batteries - 20"
Discontinued Item
Viper Fang 20 Battery Operated Automatic Scrubber - 20" Cleaning Path
Discontinued Item

Here you will find the list of discontinued items from the manufacture with our suggested replacement(s) for your discontinued item(s).  Just click on the item to see suggested replacement(s) and product information.

We also offer any available replacement parts for the discontinued items by filling out and submitting our parts request form. Parts Request Form

We usually are able to return your request with pricing and availability within 48 hours. Look for a email ending with @unoclean.com.

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