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Make Your Cleaning Chores Easier Than Ever with Viper Auto Floor Scrubbers

Viper Auto Floor Scrubbers are a must-have for any business or home that needs sparkling clean floors. These scrubbers have a high cleaning productivity rate, faster than traditional mop and bucket systems. With a wide range of options, you can see how simple floor maintenance can be!

Viper Walk Behind Auto Scrubbers are equipped with an intuitive control panel and hour meter. They are available with wet or maintenance-free AGM batteries to deliver maximum cleaning productivity and operator comfort.

Viper Walk-Behind Micro Scrubbers are perfect for cleaning small to medium-sized spaces with hard floors. With a 3-wheel design and adjustable handle for operator comfort, you can move them quickly for your cleaning needs. You no longer must worry about the scrubber causing any noise disturbance as you can function them in silent mode.

Viper Micro Automatic Scrubbers have a low-profile design for cleaning tight, hard-to-reach areas. With easy-to-use fingertip controls and fold-down handles for storage, these scrubbers are suitable for small-area floors, warehouse floors, store aisle floors, and large-area floor scrubbing.

Viper Cord Electric Automatic Floor Scrubbers are constructed with heavy-duty cast aluminum squeegee assembly. The rounded squeegee helps in one-pass cleaning, and the compact design helps to clean tight areas. These electric scrubbers come with a safety yellow power cord for nonstop cleaning.

Viper Battery Operated Floor Scrubbers are equipped with long-lasting maintenance-free batteries and onboard chargers. The disc and vacuum motors are protected from water splash of solution and recovery tanks. Their four solution flow rates, pad holders, and poly brushes make cleaning effortless, and the large recovery tank helps with quick cleanout.

Viper Micro Rider Automatic Floor Scrubbers offer a large cleaning path that makes cleaning chores easy. An ergonomic seat with an integral safety switch will make your cleaning sessions comfortable and safe.

Are you tired of scrubbing your floors manually? Let Viper Auto Floor Scrubbers do the hard work for you. These powerful scrubbers will make short work of any mess.

VIPER Automatic scrubbers are built to tackle everything from the small area floor cleaning, warehouse floor cleaning, store aisle floor cleaning and large area floor scrubbing.

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