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Low-speed Floor Buffers from Viper

Do you wish to revitalize your floors by cleaning and polishing them? The low-speed floor buffers from Viper are an excellent choice. Floor buffing is the washing and polishing of a floor with a machine to maintain its appearance. The process can restore the shine to a floor and make it look like new again. Floor stripping is the process of removing old wax, polish, or sealer from a floor. It is an important part of the floor maintenance method because it guarantees that the new wax or finish adheres well to the floor and lasts for a longer amount of time. A buffer brush attached to the bottom of a low-speed floor machine is the part that scrubs or polishes the floor as the machine passes across it. This rotating pad scrapes the floor and removes stains and scuff marks. The buffing machines can buff hard floor surfaces, including wood, concrete, and linoleum.

Viper offers a choice of floor buffers based on your requirements. The Task Pro 20-inch 175 RPM low-speed floor buffer, with an all-metal design and a 1.5 hp motor, is commonly used for floor cleaning and stripping. The Viper Venom has dual speeds to fulfill a variety of floor care demands and cleaning paths ranging from 17 to 20 inches. They are an excellent choice for heavy-duty cleaning. These machines are long-lasting, trustworthy, and easy to maintain. Their ergonomic design makes it simple to scrub, clean, and buffer floors. These are machines that are simple to use and move. The belt-driven motor ensures that cleaning operations are as quiet as possible. The big rear wheels make transportation easier and provide a well-balanced vehicle. They are frequently utilized in commercial settings such as offices, schools, and hospitals to keep the flooring looking polished and clean.

The Viper floor buffer machines are ideal for anyone searching for simple-to-use, long-lasting floor buffing and stripping devices.

VIPER low speed floor buffers with simple controls are used for floor cleaning, floor buffing and floor stripping. If you're looking for an easy to use durable floor buffing and stripping machines, the Viper Task Pro line Floor Buffer Machines are for you.

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