Vinyl Bushel Trucks & Carts by R&B Wire

Vinyl Bushel Trucks & Carts by R&B Wire

R&B Wire Products provides vinyl bushel trucks and carts with small to significant capacities to satisfy the laundry requirements of your company. These bushel vinyl trucks' ergonomic shape makes loading and unloading easy and comfortable. They include a chrome-plated steel tube base and rounded-edged frame for functionality and safety.

The vehicles have vinyl liners available in several colors. These sewn-in liners are sturdy, robust, and flame retardant, except for the hues Punky Purple and Jelly Bean Green. The carts' front and back handles make it simple to push them in those directions and facilitate transportation. The 3" polyurethane-tread industrial casters that are non-marking make it easy to move around your building quietly.

The liners have a double-layer black top rim for durability. The smooth finish facilitates cleaning. The piece is easy to put together and can be taken apart for storage and shipping. The liner can be fastened using either the provided rope or the enclosed plastic snap rivets. Our spring platforms can be installed on trucks of all sizes, lowering the danger of back injuries. To increase the safety of transit, they can also be equipped with elastic corded flame-retardant vinyl/nylon soft coverings or hinged poly lids.

Plastic bushel trucks are an excellent option for moving clean laundry to storage and laundry baskets or bags between the washers and dryers. The wide, flat base holds the laundry baskets or bags simply and neatly. Vinyl bushel trucks are practical since they are strong, simple to maintain, and can hold many laundry items. Additionally, they are lightweight and simple to move around and transfer. The bushel laundry trucks from R&B can effectively handle all of a facility's laundry needs.

To quickly and effectively handle your laundry demands, buy vinyl bushel trucks from R&B Wire that are lightweight, strong, and simple to clean.

Small to large bushel capacity vinyl trucks and carts from R&B Wire to match your laundry needs in your facility. R&B Wire Products has been manufacturing wire, tubular and steel related laundry products serving a variety of industries for over 65 years.

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