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Golden Star Wet Mops for Spotless Cleaning

The Golden Star wet mop comes in various styles and materials to suit different cleaning needs.

The Nova Microfiber String Wet Mop is perfect for all general cleaning applications and features deep cleaning action with excellent absorbency.

The Reflections Nylon Finish Wet Mop is made of 100% nylon yarn, which leaves a smooth, silky finish.

The Screw-N-Go Rayon Wet Finish Mop features bright white rayon yarn that releases a perfect finish and looks newer for longer.

The Sno-White Rayon Wet Mop is made of a 4-ply rayon blend yarn that absorbs moisture well. It features color-coded headbands for easy size identification and looped ends that avoid tangling.

The Starline Blend Wet Mop is made of a 4-ply cotton/rayon spun yarn that is suitable for everyday mopping. It is not pre-laundered or pre-shrunk, and its looped-end construction resists tangling.

Pearl microfiber wet mops are extremely absorbent, absorbing 10 times their weight in moisture. They require no break-in and enhance the performance of green chemicals.

The Waxer Industry Finish Wet Mop is made of a 4-ply blue and white candy-striped poly-rayon synthetic blend yarn that releases and spreads the finish evenly.

The Barricade looped-end wet mop has built-in antimicrobial protection that prevents mold, mildew, and odor.

The Scepter Looped-End Wet Mop is made of synthetic-blend material that is designed to pick up and hold more water than traditional mop blends.

The Synergy looped-end wet mop is made with a unique blend of 6-ply 100% synthetic yarn and offers superior absorbency.

The Relintless Ribbed Microfiber Wet Mop will not shred or lint on abrasive floors, and the fantail style offers a wide surface area.

The Starborne Looped End Wet Mop with excellent absorbency is crafted in a 4-ply blend of cotton, rayon, and polyester.

Discover a wide range of durable and effective wet mops from Golden Star, including microfiber, nylon, and cotton blends.

Golden Star's looped-end (or Fantail style) wet mops provide better performance and cost savings. They cover more space in one pass and last longer. These mops are ideal when a facility wants to launder their wet mops.

Golden Star wet mops contain up to 93% post-consumer content (PCC).

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