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Efficient and Durable Mop Handles and Frames for Effective Cleaning from Golden Star

Golden Star's mop handles and frames are the perfect complement to their high-quality mop heads, providing efficient and reliable cleaning solutions for any commercial or industrial environment.

The Quik-Change Dust Mop Frame is available in both 3 and 5 inches, making it compatible with most standard mop heads. The release clip allows for easy and efficient removal of soiled mop heads, while the durable polymer coating prevents rust and damage from chipping or cracking.

The Set-O-Swiv Dust Mop Frame features a swivel action that rotates 360 degrees, providing complete floor coverage. This frame is reinforced with a steel rod crossbar for maximum strength and durability, and the polymer coating resists rust and damage.

The Easy Change Wet Mop Handle is designed with an easy-release lever that quickly drops soiled mop heads with minimal handling, keeping your hands clean and dry. The durable plastic construction prevents rust and supports hygiene by preventing bacteria growth.

The Performer wet mop handle is a convenient lever system that makes removing soiled mop heads quick and easy. The adjustable locking wheel securely holds narrow headbands in place, while the plastic construction is rust-free and safe for use in healthcare environments.

The Threaded Wet Mop Handle is easy to use with a screw-type handle that fits mops, brooms, and other cleaning accessories. The colored fiberglass handles make it easy to identify usage areas and are available in different color options like red, blue, green, gray, and yellow.

The Wing Nut Net Mop Handle is a traditional, all-purpose metal mop assembly for industrial applications. Its wing nut adjusts to hold narrow headbands securely.

The Quik-Change Wet Mop Handle has a quick-release swing bar, and the adjustable wing nut securely tightens to hold a narrow headband in place.

With Golden Star's mop handles and frames, you can trust that you're using high-quality, durable tools that will help you get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Find the right mop handle for your wet mops or dust mops. Mop handles are available in metal, fiberglass, aluminum, or wood.

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