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Golden Star Brooms and Accessories: Your Trusted Partner for Quality Cleaning Tools and Supplies

Whether you need a light broom or a heavy-duty broom, you'll find the perfect one at Golden Star.

The Golden Star Toy Broom is a budget-friendly option for those who need a broom for small-scale cleaning tasks. It features two stitch lines and a 24-inch handle.

The Whisk Broom is designed for quick cleanups and small hand held jobs. It is made from 100% natural corn and features a durable metal cap and two sewing lines.

The Angled Lobby Broom is designed to fit into corners and tight spaces. It features flagged synthetic fibers that pick up even the smallest dust particles.

The Maid Broom is a smaller full-size broom, featuring an 11-inch sweep face and a 33-inch wood handle.

The traditional lobby broom is made from durable natural corn fibers, while the synthetic lobby broom is made from tough black synthetic fibers that can withstand heavy use.

The Lobby Dust Pan has an upright handle for easy carrying and a clip to attach the Lobby or Toy Broom.

The Counter Brush from Golden Star is a handheld brush that is perfect for small jobs and quick clean-ups. Its synthetic flagged bristles pick up fine particles and dust, making it ideal for use on countertops and other surfaces.

The metal dust pan from Golden Star is a heavy-duty pan that is made to last. Its sturdy construction ensures that it won't rust, even with heavy use. The metal dust pan is designed to be used handheld and is available in black.

Golden Star's Push Brooms come in three different options. The Fine Sweep Broom is ideal for sweeping on smooth surfaces, and its flagged bristles are designed to pick up fine particles. The medium sweep broom is great for sweeping up larger and heavier objects, while the heavy sweep broom is best used on rough, textured floors or for outdoor use.

Get your floors looking better than ever before with Golden Star's complete line of brooms and accessories.

Find the right broom to meet your floor maintenance needs. Golden Star offers from lobby brooms to heavy-duty push brooms for any kind of sweeping job.

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