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Clean Effectively with Golden Star Microfiber Mops

The Microfiber Product Line of Golden Star includes microfiber clothes, pads, wet mops, dust mops in traditional style, microfiber accessories, and microfiber hardware.

The Fusion Microfiber Dust Mop from Golden Star has a sturdy construction and a standard dust mop shape enhanced with microfiber technology. Its electromagnetically charged microfiber loops deeply clean wide areas and can be used with standard dust mop hardware. The Quik-Change-style polyester backing has reinforced ends for durability, and the date-coded mops can be washed up to 200 times.

Nova Microfiber String Wet Mop has less shrinkage than other microfiber string wet mops due to its deep cleaning action. With excellent absorbency, this mop can be used for general cleaning applications. The laundry mop, available in medium and large sizes, is easy to use and glides across the floor easily.

Relintless Ribbed Microfiber Wet Mop is an abrasive surface mop crafted with lightweight microfiber. The ribbed microfiber construction prevents shredding and lint on abrasive floors. A medium-sized rubbed microfiber wet mop is blue, and a large size is green. Even the tiniest dirt can be picked up by its unique microfiber blend, making it suitable for a deep clean. The heavy-duty microfiber will withstand daily mopping and is launderable. The fantail style of this mop offers wide and even coverage.

Pearl microfiber wet mops from Golden Star can absorb moisture that is 10 times their weight. They require no breaking in and enhance the performance of green chemicals for a deep clean. These wet mops resist mildewing, are bleach-resistant, and produce less lint than cotton. The non-launderable wet mops utilize the existing hardware and obsolete the archaic, cut-end, cotton mop.

Golden Star has high-quality microfiber cloths, pads, wet mops, and dust mops that can give a deep clean to your home and office.

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