Starline Blend Wet Mop - 12 Pack

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  • Manufacturer:Golden Star
  • Product Type:Looped-End Wet Mop
  • View All:Golden Star

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Item Description:

The Contractor's Choice for Quality and Performance

  • 4-ply cotton/rayon dref-spun yarn is ideal for everyday mopping
  • Not pre-laundered or pre-shrunk
  • Looped-end construction resists tangling
  • Single woven tailband provides wide surface span and even coverage
  • Long-lasting, double-wrapped mesh headbands
  • Not launderable

Recycle Content:

  • White: 28% total PCC. 8% PET content
  • Color: 47% total PCC. 4% PET content

Wet Mop Fiber Characteristics

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