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Stay on Top of Your Clarke Products with Clarke Accessories and Parts

Upgrade your Clarke carpet extractor with Clarke parts and accessories! Get to those hard-to-reach areas with our optional upholstery hand tool kit, featuring a hand tool and hose assembly. The upholstery hand tool kit has all the essential tools you need to reach any hard-to-reach spot. The stainless-steel hand tool has a clear plastic shoe that allows you to monitor your progress and the single spray jet ensures thorough cleaning.

Our rotationally molded replacement AquaWand is lightweight and easy to use for scrubbing carpets with EX20 and EX30 extractors. Clarke’s stainless-steel wand with single spray jet, drag handle, and stainless-steel shoe is designed for easy pick-up under furniture and desks. The plastic head of the extractor available allows you to monitor your progress as you clean. You can also check out the Clarke solution and recovery hose assembly replacement for a cleaner, fresher home in no time!

Clarke Extractor accessories section offers the best nylon and mid-grit floor brushes compatible with your extractors and extractor hand tools, so you can easily replace any worn-out or damaged parts. Our extractor brushes are designed to provide maximum cleaning power and longevity, so you can rest easy knowing that your carpets are always looking their best.

Get your Clarke Vacuum Accessories and make sure you're never left with a worn-out vacuum again! With our selection of aluminum vacuum wands, replacement dust bag kits, and HEPA filters, you'll be able to keep your Clarke vacuums running efficiently and effectively. Don't forget to check out our complete front mount floor squeegee assembly for Clarke Maxxi II 35 which is perfect for cleaning wet floors with ease. Get everything you need to keep your vacuum running in top condition with Clarke Vacuum Accessories!

Ready to take your vacuum cleaning to the next level? Clarke Vacuum Accessories and Parts are here to help! Get rid of dirt and dust buildup without delay!

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