Clarke Automatic Floor Scrubbers

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Floor Scrubbers from Clarke

Machines used to clean and maintain hard floor surfaces such as tile, concrete, and linoleum are known as floor scrubbers. They eliminate dirt, grime, and stains from the floor by combining water, detergent, and mechanical scrubbing.

    Walk-Behind Floor Scrubbers from Clarke:
  • The MA10 series has simple features that make it ideal for swiftly and effectively cleaning small, high-traffic areas. Compared to the messy mop and bucket alternative, they make regular cleaning duties much more comfortable and fun.
  • The MA30 and MA50 series are compact walk-behind scrubbers with efficient cleaning! They quickly remove dirt and small particles on your floors, leaving them clean and dry.
  • The Clarke CA30 20B has a 20-inch cleaning path and a long-lasting integrated battery and charger. You can clean more quickly without having to seek a charger.
  • The CA60 series of scrubbers are very productive, with a tank capacity of 16 gallons and the ability to clean for hours.
  • The Focus II's conventional disc variants are available with a 26, 28, or 34-inch disc scrub deck driven by two heavy-duty brush motors. The disc models are excellent for general cleaning.
  • The Focus II BOOST Automatic Floor Scrubber includes the most efficient and environmentally friendly auto scrubber. It is capable of removing floor finish without the use of chemicals! BOOST can save up to 70% on water and chemicals.
  • The integrated rotating deck of the Vantage 14 battery-powered floor scrubber allows for comprehensive scrubbing in both forward and backward directions, allowing operators clean under and around obstacles effortlessly.

The Clarke Stand-On Auto Scrubbers: The SA40 stand-on auto scrubbers allow you to clean large floor surfaces while walking, riding, or standing on it. It is appropriate for people who do not want to use a walk-behind auto scrubber but have budget constraints to purchase a ride-on scrubber.

    The Ride-On Floor Scrubbers from Clarke:
  • The RA40 ride-on scrubbers are small and agile auto scrubbers. They provide your facility with high-standard cleanliness, health, and safety.
  • Clarke Focus II MicroRider is a compact, agile vehicle designed to clean areas larger riders cannot reach.

Clarke floor scrubber machines employ innovative technology to help you complete your cleaning tasks fast and efficiently.

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