Clarke Box Extractors

BEXTSpot Pro Carpet Spotter

Tackle Your Toughest Cleanup Jobs with Clarke Box Extractors

Clarke Box Extractors feature the highest level of suction power for excellent cleaning results and provide a hassle-free experience with their simple operation. With Clarke box extractors, you can keep your carpets and more spotless and free from dirt, dust, and allergens.

Get your carpets and upholstery looking spotless with Clarke Box Extractors' BEXTSpot Pro Carpet Spotter. With a one-gallon tank capacity and industry-leading cleaning power, you can be sure that even the toughest spots are taken care of. Our compact, lightweight, and highly portable tools are perfect for those quick spot-cleaning jobs in schools, offices, food service areas, or healthcare facilities.

Our portable EX20 extractors are designed for heavy-duty performance and feature two handles for easy maneuverability. With oversized rubber grip rear wheels and two front panel roller wheels, you can easily load and unload them from the transport vehicle. Plus, it has an easy-fill solution tank access port and a molded wand cad for convenience and ease of use.

EX20 heated extractors are designed to reduce water usage and provide faster drying time with higher heat. Our revolutionary instant heat system eliminates the requirement for chemical sanitizing of surfaces and reduces chemical usage in cleaning. The powerful in-line, after-the-pump heater with a lifetime warranty is designed to help you get the deepest clean ever. Our recessed channel for a 3-stage vacuum motor ensures unrestricted airflow for superior water recovery. Plus, the closed-sealed system lessens wear and extends vacuum motor life. The recessed electronic switch plate protects switches from the solution tank, and with the pressure gauge and regulator, you can even dial in the perfect pressure for your specific needs! The EX20 extractors are also available with a 12-inch stainless steel wand and a 15-foot vacuum hose assembly to extract debris, water, and other materials from even the tightest spaces.

If you're looking for a powerful and easy-to-use carpet cleaning machine, Clarke Box Extractors are a perfect choice!

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