Clarke Floor Burnishers

Floor Burnishers from Clarke

Floor burnishers clean and care for hard floor surfaces, including concrete, marble, and terrazzo. They use revolving pads to achieve a high-gloss finish on the floor.

The Ultra Speed Floor Burnishers from Clarke gives you powerful results in less time. Three sizes of burnishers are available: 1500, 1500 DC, and 2000 DC. They are dust control (DC) Clarke Green Certified versions of vacuum cleaners.

The Ultra Speed Pro 1500 has a strong DC rectified motor. It operates at a constant 1,500 rpm to keep finished floors looking wet. The fingertip controls make it easy to steer. The handle-mounted safety switch, circuit breaker, and 50-foot yellow cable are part of the many safety measures. It has a 20" path and is made entirely of metal. The handle can be manipulated in either the locked or float position. Thanks to the robust transport wheels, it can be maneuvered easily. You need very little training to operate this equipment. It is designed to withstand daily use in commercial applications.

Operators will encounter a completely new polishing experience when burnishing with the Ultra Speed 20. This burnisher has a stiffer frame and nine vibration isolators. Burnishing floors with Ultra Speed 20 produces the best results on the market because of these features. A unique, double-pivot pad-driver design keeps the Ultra Speed 20 burnishing pad aligned. Simple controls also save time on operator training. Save time and money by using an easy-to-use, battery-powered walk-behind burnisher.

Select the new Ultra Speed Floor Burnishers from Clarke if you want a dust-free and silent operation. They are ideal for use in hospitals, schools, and other settings. This new line achieves a gorgeous high-gloss finish with no effort.

The new line of Ultra Speed Floor Burnishers are ideal for use in hospitals, schools and areas requiring dust-free, quiet operation. This new line produces brilliant high-gloss shine with minimal effort. The self-adjusting pad pressure assures that optimal power is applied to the pad driver without the need to change any settings. The burnisher is offered in 1500, 1500 DC, and 2000 DC models. The dust control (DC) models are Clarke Green Certified.

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