Clarke Ultra Speed 20T Battery Burnisher
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Ultra Speed 20T Battery Burnisher - 234 Ah AGM Batteries

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Item Description:

Ultra Speed 20 Floor Burnisher

Operators of the Ultra Speed 20 will sense a whole new feel and experience when burnishing. A (stiffer) frame and nine vibration isolators have turned the operation of the Ultra Speed 20 into the smoothest burnishing experience in the market.

With an updated, double-pivot pad-driver design, the Ultra Speed 20 burnishing pad stays in alignment and allows the pad to follow the floor contours, leaving a more consistent gloss. Combining the pad-driver design with the self-regulating pad pressure, operators have an easy to use, battery walk-behind burnisher that saves labor time and dollars.

Adding to the ease of operation is the self-lowering burnishing deck. When the palm switches on the handle are activated, the burnishing deck automatically lowers to the floor. When the palm switches are released, the deck automatically returns to a raised position. Simple controls also minimize training time of operators.

Choose from either wet batteries for dependable long run time, or maintenance-free AGM gel type batteries for an even longer run time. The onboard battery charger allows for convenient charging at any 120 Volt outlet so that operators do not need to return the machine to a storage or charging areas.

Safety is not sacrificed for price and performance. An angle-activated safety switch keeps the machine from starting when tipped back in the pad change position. Superior mobility and line of site during operation add to its safety when in operation.

The best passive dust control in the market is included on all models, which contributes to improved indoor air quality during operation. A felt seal contains all dust within a specially designed shroud, directing it into a dual-ort, disposable filter bag.

The Ultra Speed 20 battery burnisher delivers the smooth performance, consistent shine, and cleaner indoor air quality that is demanded by today's customers.


  • 20 inch burnishing path powered by a 2.5 hp motor
  • Self-regulating pad pressure no adjustment required
  • Non-traction or power traction drive
  • Easy tip back features makes it easy to change out pads
  • On-board battery charger
  • Class leading passive dust control
  • Wet cell or AGM batteries

Warranty: 8 years on Polyethylene Embodiment, 3 years part, 1 year labor

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  • K-12 Schools
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
  • Supermarkets
  • Retail Stores and Shopping Centers
  • Government Buildings

Safety Features

  • Angle-activated safety switch
  • Superior sight lines


  • 20 inch burnishing path
  • Wet cell or AGM batteries
  • Onboard charger (standard)
  • Pad assist or traction drive
  • Passive or active dust control
  • Passive vacuum paper bags
  • Active vacuum paper bags
  • Active vacuum cloth bag
  • Aqua HS burnishing pads
  • Natural blend tan HS
  • Natural blend white HS burnishing pads
  • Automatic, continous pad alignment (standard)
Part Number:
Burnishing Path / Pad Dia.:
20 in (52 cm)
Power Supply / Batteries:
36 V / 3 -234 Ah AGM
Pad RPM (on the floor):
2000 RPM
Low Battery Protection:
Standard on All Models
Dust Control:
Passive on All Models
Pad Motor:
2.5 hp (1.9 kW)
Transaxle Traction Motor:
.5 hp Permanent Magnet (0.37 kW)
Pad Pressure:
Self Regulating up to 30 lb (13 kg)
Speed Forward / Reverse:
0-240 ft/min (73.2 m/min) / 0-170ft/min (52 m/min)
Sound Level:
68 dB A
Drive Wheels:
1.62" x 8" (4 cm x 20 cm)
Onboard Charger:
36 V, 25 A DC, 85-265 V / 45-65 Hz AC
Polishing Rate (Max.):
24,000 ft sq./hr (7,315 m sq./hr)
Polishing Rate (Practical):
17,600 ft sq./hr (5,365 m sq./hr)
53.5" x 23" x 42" (136 cm x 58 cm x 106 cm)
Weight w/ Batteries:
624 lb (283 kg)
Clarke Ultra Speed 20 Floor Burnisher


  1. Palm switches for easy operation
  2. Better site lines with shorter machine
  3. Ultra Speed 20 tips back for easy pad changes
  4. Traction drive model is transaxle driven
  5. Easy to access dust bag
  6. Heavy-duty Industrial caster wheels
  7. Flexible shroud and felt dust seal captures all dust

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