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Clarke RA40 Micro Rider Automatic Floor Scrubber
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RA40 Micro Rider Battery Operated Auto Scrubber - 20" Cleaning Path

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Item Description:

RA40 Micro Rider Auto Floor Scrubber

The Most Innovative, Productive Clarke Scrubber

This compact, highly maneuverable 20 inch autoscrubber is designed to elevate the cleanliness, health and safety of your facility to the next level. Every cutting-edge feature-from the ultra-sharp turning radius to the onboard chemical mixing system-has been engineered to the high performance and reliability standards of standard Clarke machines.

Clarke Automatic Floor Scrubber - RA40 Micro Rider Clarke Automatic Floor Scrubber - RA40 Micro Rider

Steering Wheel Control Panel

User-friendly and easy-to-learn dashboard with One-Touch button and intuitive display integrated into the steering wheel. Exclusive multifunction digital display allows for maximum customization of machine settings.

CMS Control Button

The Chemical Mixing System (CMS) automatically mixes adjustable levels of concentrated chemicals stored in an onboard resevoir with clean water stored in the solution tank.

Onboard Squeegee Storage

Built-in squeegee hanging system on tank allows for safe transportation through doorways and tight areas, while permitting tank drying.

SmartFlow Technology for Increased Productivity

SmartFlow technology automatically reduces the solution flow rate when the operator slows down. Automatically reducing the flow rate on turns, edge cleaning or maneuvering around obstacles helps to avoid water left behind and increases the productivity by up to 50% per tank. This means greatly reduced slip and fall risk and cost to clean floors. Reducing the amount of cleaning solution used also prevents wasting water and chemicals, increasing sustainability.

Extreme Maneuverability and Safer Control

The small profile design of the RA40 provides full sightline visibility, a short turning radius and the ability to clean in tight spaces. It also contributes to a low center of gravity that, when combined with Safe-T-Steering, prevents tipping incidents. All these features contribute to a safer operation for both operators and other building occupants.

Ease of Use

  • Intuitive design for minimal training
  • Dashboard w/ digital display placed in the steering wheel
  • Large operator seat and wide space for legs for anyone
  • Intuitive icon buttons for vacuum, brush rotation and water/detergent flow
  • Wide range of accessories to make the cleaning job faster and more comfortable as possible


  • SmartFlow Technology
  • 20" scrubbing width
  • 18.5 gallon water tanks
  • 3.7 mph working speed
  • Chemical mixing system gives full control over detergent use, making possible-to-use chemicals only when really needed
  • Water and chemical flow can be changed while working according to floor conditions


  • Thoroughly tested high-quality components
  • Simple to clean and maintain due to its surface finishing
  • Fast installation and removal of squeegee blades
Clarke Automatic Floor Scrubber - RA40 Micro Rider Clarke Automatic Floor Scrubber - RA40 Micro Rider

Brush Assembly

Tools-free removable brushes or pads

Recovery Tank Access

Recovery tank fully tiltable gives easy access to battery compartment and the detergent container.

Drain Hose

No-nonsense, easyflow hose makes draining the tank simple.

Part Number
Manufacturer Part Number
56384073 / 56384074
(2) 130 Ah Wet / (2) 140 Ah Maintenance-Free AGM
Brush Motor
0.6 HP (450 W)
Brush Motor Speed
155 RPMs
Brush Pressure
33/66 lbs (15/30 kg)
Dimensions (Without Squeegee)
50" L x 22" W x 40" H
Drive Motor
0.6 HP (400 W)
Gross Weight
754 lbs
IP Protection Class
Max Climbing Rate
Max Running Time
2.5 Hours
Max Transportation Speed
3.7 mph
Minimum Turnabout Aisle Width
Path Width
20" Disc
Productivity at 2.5 mph
22,000 ft²/hr
Productivity at 3.7 mph
32,560 ft²/hr
Sound Pressure Level
68 dB A Normal Mode, 62 dB A Silent Mode
Squeegee Width
Tank Capacities
18.5 Gallon
Vacuum Motor
0.42 HP (310 W)
Vacuum Waterlift
24 V
Water Flow (CL/M)
0,75 / 1,5 / 3,0
Working Speed
3.7 mph


  1. Large, 18.5 gallon tank for high clenaing productivity
  2. Two levels of scrub pressure for added cleaning power in heavily soiled areas
  3. Water-level indicator easily view-able from the operator's seat
  4. Low step-on design makes for easy onboarding and offboarding
  5. Wide, ergonomic operator seat and steering wheel provide a more comfortable driving experience
  6. Easy-removal squeegee with built in squeegee hanger stores easily on the backside when not in use
  7. Scrub deck and squeegee raise and lower quickly and easily
  8. Lid lifts off easily, providing access to clean tank and debris catcher

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