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Cleaning Equipment from UnoClean

Unoclean offers low-cost, high-performance cleaning equipment with a complete manufacturer warranty. The UnoClean Stinger Series floor machines, auto scrubbers, carpet spotters, automobile detailing equipment, and cleaners are built to last and perform.

    The cleaning equipment available at UnoClean are:
  • The 3-gallon and 6-gallon Detailer Pro Carpet Spotter are perfect if you are looking for a rug-cleaning machine. They are specifically intended for removing tiny stains from carpets. It is the best spot extractor equipment on the market today, and it is lightweight and portable.
  • The Stinger 17 and 20-inch Low-Speed Buffing Machines have a stainless steel brush cover and steel triple planetary gearboxes. They are capable of handling even the most demanding workloads. The Stinger 17 Floor Machine is primarily intended for stripping and cleaning hard surface floors, and it operates with remarkable smoothness and quietness.
  • The Stinger disinfecting cleaning electric auto scrubber kit is a multipurpose gadget that cleans and disinfects floors effectively.
  • The Stinger auto floor scrubber is the best choice for exceptional cleaning performance, ergonomic design, easy operation, and good value for your investment. This floor-cleaning equipment has achieved excellent results on grocery store floors, tile floors, locker room floors, concrete floors, shop areas, and small warehouse floors.
  • The Stinger gym mat electric floor cleaner is excellent for cleaning gyms and training facilities with large sections of matting and huge areas without matting. Many of the finest workout and training facilities use the gym mat electric auto scrubber since it is a versatile gadget that offers excellent results.
  • The Stinger 20-inch Floor Scrubber is a powerful, battery-powered auto floor scrubber for commercial and industrial cleaning. Automatic floor scrubbers powered by batteries are designed to handle everything from small-area floor cleaning, warehouse floor cleaning, store aisle floor cleaning, and even large-area floor washing.
  • The Ametek replacement vacuum motor for Stinger and ICE equipment auto scrubber machines (part# 8011200), the 8119200 filter assembly for the i18c Stinger auto scrubber, the 17-inch pad holder for the Stinger 18C UnoClean auto scrubber, the ICE 8118001 Stinger18 front blue squeegee, the San 10-0304 spotter cap and float assembly for the 3-gallon spotter, the UC ICE 8014058 pigtail plug replacement, and the 3-gallon spotter yellow float are all available at UnoClean.

UnoClean is well-known for its high-quality products, competitive pricing, and outstanding customer service. UnoClean commercial cleaning equipment is long-lasting, performs well, and fits neatly within your budget.

Professional Commercial Cleaning Equipment by UnoClean

UnoClean commercial cleaning equipment is used in many different industries, including restaurants, hotels, retail stores, offices, schools, and healthcare facilities. These professional commercial grade machines are designed to clean hard surfaces, such as floors, walls, countertops, tables, carpet, upholstery cleaning, automotive detailing machines and other areas that need to be cleaned regularly.

UnoClean's professional commercial cleaning equipment is essential for any business. Find out what makes our machines so great! Look through the UnoClean line and see what customers are saying about our professional commercial cleaning equipment line.

Have a question or not sure what in right for your application then call us at 224-654-6500 and one of our UnoClean cleaning equipment experts will help with your questions.

UnoClean Professional Floor Cleaning Equipment at super saving prices for the budget minded cleaning professional. Uno Clean Stinger Series floor machines, auto scrubbers, carpet spotters, automotive detailing machines and cleaners come with a complete manufacture warranty

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