Detailer PRO 3-Gallon Carpet Spotter - 600 Watt Heater       UNO-50-4000
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Detailer PRO 3-Gallon Carpet Spotter - 600 Watt Heater

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Your Price: $749.95
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  • Manufacturer:UnoClean
  • Size:3 Gallon
  • Origin:USA
  • Product Type:Automotive Carpet Spotter
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Item Description:

3 Gallon Detailer Pro Heated Carpet Spotter

The exclusive Detailer Pro carpet spot extractor is a 3 gallon rug cleaning machine that is designed for small stain removal in carpets. Lightweight and easy to transport, this carpet spotter is the ideal spot extractor machine available on the market today. Heats extracting solution with a 600 Watt in-line heater(estimated heat up time 3 minutes). The 600 watt heater makes this carpet spotter perfect for auto detailing and commercial cleaning.


  • 3 Gallon Recovery and Solultion Tanks
  • 600 Watt Heater
  • 55 PSI Pump
  • 4.8" 100 cfm Vacuum Motor - 76" Water Lift
  • 2-Stage, 100 cfm Ametek Vacuum Motor
  • Semi-Pneumatic Non-Marking Wheels for Easy Transport
  • Made of Roto-Molded Polyethylene for Heavy Duty Applications
  • Labor warranty is covered for 1 year from the date of purchase.
  • Made in the USA


  • 15 ft. Hose
  • 4 In. Stainless Steel Hand Tool
  • 20 ft. Power Cord
Hose Assembly:
15 ft.
Manufactured in the USA
2-Stage, 100 CFM Ametek Vac Motor
Power Cord:
(1) 20-Foot, 16/3-Gauge Safety
Recovery Tank:
3 Gallon
Solution Tank:
3 Gallon
25"L x 11"W x 29"H
4 Inch Stainless Steel Hand Tool
Lifetime on Body, 2-years motor and pump, 1-year on all electrical components, 90-days on tools and accessories
42 lbs

Product Literature

Would you like to have all the facts, lost your operator's manual, need to order the right parts, or just want to make sure you are maintaining your machine properly? UnoClean is here to help:

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   4.7 / 5 • 54 reviews

by on September 11, 2023

I am an Unoclean customer, this equipment broke after little use. We always use it according to the instructions, they didn't want to fix it or replace the parts. Company and product that I do not trust nor recommend to anyone.

Customer Service on September 11, 2023

Hello, Thank you for your review, the warranty for any of these types of products are through the manufacturer. When the machine was taken to the service center it was determined that the heater was damaged due to it being run without water. Per the manufacturer the warranty covers parts that manufacturers defect only. We are simply a distributor and not the manufacturer of this item. The manufacturer will be reaching out to you once again. Thank you, Unoclean Customer Service

TrustPilot.Author on September 11, 2023

Hello, I have been trying to resolve the issue. But it's hard. We are Unoclean customers and use the equipment with due care and in accordance with the guidelines. There was no misuse, I bought it from you and I hope you resolve it. The repair cost was initially higher than the value of the new machine, the second was 50% of the value of the new machine. I understand that I shouldn't pay anything and have my problem resolved. I bought it, paid for it and hope they fix it.

by on February 16, 2023

Perfect for detailing cars

by on February 14, 2023

Great Machine, it does everything that we thought it would.

by on February 3, 2023

Solid build quality. Great for auto detailing business.

by on January 6, 2023

I am in the flooring business I highly recommend this product

by on December 17, 2022

We are already so impressed with how easy this is to use and how clean it gets our carpets and sofas. We have lots of dogs and this is making short work of cleaning up after "accidents". Highly recommend!

by on December 15, 2022

Only used with plain water on upholstery/indoor furniture and am very impressed with the results! Can't wait to find a good cleaner to use!

by on December 10, 2022

Simple instructions, very manuverable an easy to operate. Ive had it 3 days an already cleaned all the floor carpet an upholstery in my living room. And also cleaned my upholstery in all my vehicles. The sales team knew what i wanted to do an lead me straight to the products that would work best for ME. Thank you very much.

by on October 27, 2022

Excellent for personal cars

by on October 22, 2022

It work well and does the job wonderful

by on September 26, 2022


by on September 24, 2022

Nice combination of power, spray density and tank heater. It really works great and the price is hard to beat. My only complaint is that you can burn yourself on the wand quick-connect due to water temp. Wear heavy gloves or wrap the brass in a towel.

by on September 14, 2022

Works really good!

by on September 8, 2022

Good product for the price

by on August 17, 2022

So this is my first ever heated extractor and I will use this extractor until the wheels fall of. I have no complaints other than I wish it came with the clear suction head but other than that it’ll get the job done. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to get into owning a heated extractor.

by on August 17, 2022

Its an awesome machine, melts dirt and stains away like nothing

by on July 26, 2022

Very please

by on July 22, 2022

Very good heated extractor, heat up quick and remove dirt and stain easy

by on July 17, 2022

I’ve already done one survey already…the product seems to be a solid machine. I have yet to use it. I did make sure it worked, sprays water, the vacuum sucks like it’s supposed to and the water heats as well.

by on July 15, 2022

Works Great

by on July 14, 2022

To be honest, I haven’t really used it, I bought it for my detailing business. I did run out the antifreeze and made sure everything works. The vacuum part works really well, the heater heats fast and gets plenty hot to do what I need to do. Customer service was great, I made a mistake on my zip code and they called me to get it fix so they could get it shipped out that day. The only negative thing was that the vacuum hose and water hose need at least 5 more velcro straps to hold them together, but that’s just me and my OCD 😉. The vacuum head is very nicely made, polished aluminum very nice, but could use a site glass so you can see all the goop thats coming out of whatever your cleaning.

by on June 7, 2022

This is a solid unit

by on May 30, 2022

An amazing machine. The service at Unoclean was amazing as they helped me find a better machine than the one I originally ordered. Thank you so much for such an amazing product!

by on May 20, 2022

Good on getting my perder

by on May 7, 2022

Fast and Easy service. Customer service called me the next day confirming that my order would be leaving the facility that day.

by on March 14, 2022

Thanks you

by on March 14, 2022

For the design and functionality of the DP3 spot cleaner is the best for the dollar...makes quick work interior cleaning on vechiles...very happy with my purchase

by on March 13, 2022

Professional upholstery cleaner here. I just used this machine on its first job, cleaning four couches at a residence. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the machine. It’s top quality, low profile, low maintenance, and does an excellent job at extracting bad stuff from upholstery. It appears that other companies have a make-to-order policy with their upholstery cleaners, resulting in a four week turnaround on the order. Not only did Unoclean deliver the tool in three days, but they have among the best prices. Strongly recommended.

by on February 17, 2022

Excellent customer service, i will do business again. Thank you

by on January 21, 2022

Great product. Works awesome for auto detailing. Love the long leads and the built in heater. Super fast shipping as well!

by on November 1, 2021

I tried it out for the first time the other day and it worked awesome thank you guys

by on October 17, 2021

Work good!!😎

by on October 10, 2021

The customer service is the worse I have deal with. I bought this item 3 weeks ago and they still haven’t shipped it to me. I have called them 3 times already.

Customer Service on October 12, 2021

Hello, Thank you for your review, the items you ordered was a preorder item with an estimated is stock date of Early October as was stated on our website. Once we received the items we shipped them the next day 10/5. We are very honest about what information we have regarding a product any calls that came in regarding the product we were giving the latest information we had been given from the manufacturer. If you have any other questions please contact us at 224-654-6500. Thank you, Unoclean Customer Service

by on September 15, 2021

Outstanding customer service!!!

by on August 24, 2021

Detailer PRO 3-Gallon Carpet Spotter works great. but the hose arrived damaged. I would like to receive a replacement.

by on May 15, 2021

This is a great machine. Heats the water up fast and great suction. Made out heavy duty material. Highly recommend

by on April 26, 2021

best affordable sizable heated extractor you will find. There is no other extractor that checks as many boxes as this one does for the PRICE. Some folks complain about the suction power, but what more could you want? For the size, price and still being covered under a manufacturer warranty it doesnt get much better. I have used this on about 5 automotive interior details and my results were just as expected! If you are expecting this to be a magic wand dont buy it. YOU WILL NOT FIND ANOTHER HEATED EXTRACTOR THIS AFFORDABABLE AND HIGH OF QUALITY, IVE TRIED AND HERE I AM! I would reccomend to a friend.

by on March 6, 2021

Shipping Was Fast.. Machine Is Nicely Built For Some Reason The Heater Is Not Getting Real Hot & The Suction Is Not Very Strong...

by on July 16, 2020

Great people A ++++++++++

by on February 26, 2020

Great tool...easy to use and gets the job done

by on December 17, 2019

Very helpful

by on November 20, 2019

Excellent service and a quality product!

by on October 11, 2019

This is a good machine.

by on September 5, 2019

The suction is not very strong. Only problem I have.

by on August 6, 2019

Very simple to use, we were up and running In a half hour after delivery. The heater works well on stubborn stains A real good value compared to other higher-priced machines

by on June 30, 2019

For the price works good compared with mytee

by on June 17, 2019

For the size this thing is great! I run a small auto detailing business and it’s perfect. Gets good and hot and has plenty of hose length. Only downfall is how to empty the waste tank but it’s not too much of a hassle.

by on June 12, 2019

Bigger tank and $150.00 cheaper than the MyTee 300H.

by on July 16, 2018

Good machine for the price.... my only issue is how to remove the unused shampoo solution. That’s not a problem tho.

by on February 14, 2018

i have tested the product and i love that, more than i espected, and was delivered on time, they are good sellers,

by on October 5, 2017

I compared this to the Mytee S300H as a investment in my detail business. The three gallon tanks made the difference. It is slow in heating up unless you start with warm water. But the performance is everything you could want. The Mytee only had a one gallon tank that would not allow me to finish a vehicle without re-filling. I found that all of the parts are available if ever needed. For the money, this is the best machine you could have. Free shipping got this machine to me in a few days!

by on June 30, 2017

A well built machine with quality heavy duty industrial components

by on April 23, 2017

I shopped around and your company had the best price, for the same product, then anyone. Your help with finding parts for my old general buffer, made it so i could keep using it. Your selection is very good! Thanks

by on March 31, 2017

Instructions did not properly convey how to use equipment to my standards

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