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Accessories, Bags, and Filters for Atrix Vacuum Cleaners

HEPA filters (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) are used in vacuum cleaners to capture microscopic particles like dust, particulate matter, and other allergens that normal vacuum cleaners may miss. These filters are intended to collect particles as fine as 0.3 microns with a 99.97% efficiency.

HEPA filters can become clogged with the particles they catch over time, reducing their efficiency and effectiveness in capturing allergens and other microscopic particles. This is why it is critical to replace HEPA filters in vacuum cleaners. Filter replacement in HEPA vacuums can help preserve suction power and overall performance.

The filter replacements for the Atrix vacuum cleaners are available at UnoClean. They are the Omega Vac Toner and Dust Filter Cartridge, the Omega HEPA Filter Cartridge, the Omega Certified HEPA Filter Cartridge, the Omega ESD Safe ULPA Filter Cartridge, the Dust Sampling Filter, and the Antimicrobial Vacuum Primary HEPA Filter.

A vacuum paper bag is a disposable bag that is used in vacuum cleaners to gather dust, dirt, and debris. The bag is made of porous paper, which allows air to pass through while trapping particles inside. Vacuum paper bags must be replaced when they become clogged with dirt and debris; otherwise, they will reduce the suction power of the vacuum cleaner and make it less effective at cleaning. UnoClean sells replacement paper filter bags for the ATIBCV Antibacterial Class 100 Cleanroom HEPA vacuum.

The replacement filter latches for the Atrix Omega series and 3M 497 series are also available at UnoClean.

UnoClean carries Atrix filter replacements, vacuum paper bags, and other Atrix vacuum cleaner accessories. They are built with long-lasting materials and enhance the overall performance of the vacuum cleaner.

Atrix accessories, bags and filters for Atrix vacuums. Replacement items for ESD vacuums, Omega Series Vacuums, Ergo Series Vacuums and Red Series Vacuums from Atrix.

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