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High-Capacity Vacuum Cleaners from Atrix

Atrix high-capacity vacuum cleaners are designed to handle large volumes of debris and dust, making them ideal for commercial and industrial cleaning applications. With their powerful motors and advanced filtration systems, they can effectively clean large areas, removing even the finest dust and allergens from the air.

The Barrel Vacuum is a great option when large amounts of non-hazardous dry particulate matter need to be captured from the air. They are widely used in manufacturing, construction, and other heavy-duty applications. The three 550-watt motors let the user manage the amount of suction required by turning on one, two, or all three motors. The effective two-stage HEPA filter arrangement has one HEPA pre-motor filter and a polyester pre-treated filter bag that fits over the main premotor filter.

The high-capacity HEPA vacuum system is perfect when you need to collect lead dust, silica dust, fiberglass, mold remediation, RRP (renovate, repair, and paint), and such particulates. The five-gallon HEPA filter, manufactured with Pentair brand media, is 99.97% efficient at .3 micron. The three layers of 56 pleat media consist of one cellulose layer and two glass layers. The motor is a powerful Ametek Advantek II, 1,000-hour motor. This filter can capture large volumes of debris and hazardous particulates. They find great use in laboratories, manufacturing, and hazardous particulate environments.

For high-volume pest management applications, a high capacity HEPA vacuum system is a good rapid containment alternative. This vacuum is designed for pest management professionals. This filter has a high capacity for capturing bed bugs, cockroaches, rodent droppings, bat guano, dry chemicals, and hazardous chemicals. It has a 5.6-foot long transparent hose for visual examination. There are suction and hose plugs to prevent bugs and dirt from crawling out or spilling out during transportation or storage.

Atrix high-capacity vacuum cleaners are designed to handle the toughest cleaning challenges, such as capturing hazardous particles, dry chemicals, pests, and more. With their powerful motors and advanced filtration systems, they effectively clean large areas effortlessly for you.

p>The Atrix High Capacity Series vacuums can capture large volumes of debris and come complete with a powerful Ametek® Advantek II, 1,000-hour rated motor, many accessory and filter options, as well as freewheeling detachable roller base.

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