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Omega Vacuum Series from Atrix

The Atrix Omega Vacuum Series is made for tough cleaning jobs such as cleaning hospitals, clean rooms, and hazardous environments.

The Omega Supreme Clean Room Vacuum has a strong suction and a sophisticated filtering system that collects even the smallest particles in cleanroom environments.

With its HEPA filtration system and IPM attachments, the Omega Green Supreme IPM HEPA Vacuum is particularly effective at eliminating insect detritus and bacteria.

The Omega Cordless Immediate Containment PMP Vacuums and Vacuums are portable and cordless designs that enable easy maneuvering and speedy containment in pest control applications and hazardous-material situations.

The Omega Supreme Plus ULPA Cleanroom Vacuum is a great alternative for quick containment of hazardous particle applications. At 0.12 microns, the ULPA filter collects up to 99.999% of particulates.

The Omega HEPA Abatement Vacuum has a strong motor and HEPA filter that capture and confine hazardous contaminants, including lead and asbestos.

The Omega Supreme Electronic Vacuum contains an ultrafine filter that captures toner, color toner, dust, and debris, making it an excellent rapid containment solution for cleaning static-sensitive electronics like computers.

The Omega Supreme MRI Service Vacuum has non-metallic hoses and accessories for compatibility with MRI rooms.

The Omega HEPA Certified Vacuum has an individually tested and certified HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of particles at 0.3 microns for use in environments where air quality is critical.

The 31800C ESD Safe Toner and Dust Filler has an ESD-safe design that prevents electrostatic discharge and potential damage to sensitive electronic equipment during toner and dust filling, ensuring reliable and safe operation.

Along with the Omega series vacuum cleaners, UnoClean also carries the Omega Series Latch Replacement, the Omega ULPA Filter Cartridge, the Omega ESD Safe ULPA Filter Cartridge, the Omega HEPA Certified Filter Cartridge, the Omega Vac Toner and Dust Filter Cartridge, and the Omega HEPA Filter Cartridge.

With its innovative filtration systems, high suction, and numerous attachments, the Atrix Omega Vacuum Series offers practical and efficient instruments for cleaning and maintaining a wide range of surroundings and surfaces.

The Atrix Omega Vacuum series is among the most elite vacuums on the market and are manufactured in the USA. These electric, HEPA vacuums are great for cleaning hospitals, clean rooms, and hazardous environments.

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