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Canister Vacuums for Specialized Cleaning Needs by Atrix

Atrix canister vacuums offer the ultimate cleaning solution for any environment. Whether you're looking for a vacuum for a clean room, a hazardous particulate environment, pest control, or general cleaning, Atrix has got you covered.

For those in need of a cleanroom vacuum, the Antimicrobial Class 100 ISO 5 Cleanroom HEPA Vacuum is a perfect choice. With its four levels of filtration, including dual HEPA filters, a polyester filter, and a large paper bag filter, this vacuum is 99.97% efficient at.3 microns. Plus, the Microban antibacterial material prevents the proliferation of bacteria and viruses, making it ideal for hospitals and nursing facilities.

If you're dealing with hazardous particulate environments, the HCTV HEPA vacuum is your go-to option. This vacuum features a five-gallon HEPA filter that can capture large volumes of debris and hazardous particulates like lead dust, fiberglass, and mold remediation. It also comes with a powerful Ametek Advantek II, a 1,000-hour motor, utensils, and a 5.6-foot clear hose, making it perfect for laboratories and manufacturing facilities.

For PMPs (Pest Management Professionals), the HCTV IPM Vacuum is a must-have. This vacuum is specifically designed for large-volume pest control applications with a five-gallon HEPA filter that can capture bed bugs, cockroaches, rodent droppings, bat guano, and even hazardous chemicals. It also includes a 5.6-foot clear hose for visual inspection, vacuum and hose plugs for safe transport, and a powerful Ametek Advantek II, 1,000-hour motor.

For general cleaning needs, the High Capacity Barrel Vacuum is the way to go. With its triple 550-watt motors and efficient two-stage HEPA filter configuration, this vacuum can handle large amounts of non-hazardous dry particulate. Plus, the 55-gallon barrel/drum conversion makes it easy to use and perfect for construction sites and manufacturing facilities.

No matter what your cleaning needs are, Atrix canister vacuums have got you covered with their powerful motors, efficient filters, and versatile attachments. Order your Atrix Canister Vacuum today and experience the ultimate cleaning performance!

Atrix canister vacuums are far more productive than standard upright vacuums for a variety of reasons. The Red Series line of vacuums are more powerful and provide better suction and flow-rate than standard vacuums.

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