Specialty Chemicals by Zep Inc Brands / Misty

Specialty Chemicals by Zep Inc Brands / Misty

Only with the proper cleaning formulations can your cleaning program be effective and efficient. Try the Specialty Cleaning Formulations from Zep Inc Brands and you will never look for another. Grease, dirt, and grime can be easily removed from even the most difficult surfaces. These sophisticated formulations are specially designed to penetrate deep into the pores of surfaces and effectively remove dirt and debris. Whether you need to clean your hands or your kitchen counters, bathroom tiles, or office furnishings, Misty's labor-saving solutions have you covered.

Frosty Pearl Pearlized Hand and Skin Cleanser removes grease, oil, charcoal, new inks, paints, and filth quickly and without abrasives. It is a biodegradable, pearlescent, thickening hand cleanser. This skin-friendly lotion contains moisturizers and emollients to care for your skin.

Glide Silicone Lubricant is a medium-viscosity silicone spray that offers all-around protection, lubrication, and repair. This solution has the ability to eliminate friction, creaking, and freezing in moving parts, doors, windows, drawers, and assemblies.

Heavy-Duty Spray Adhesive is suitable for both temporary and permanent bonding. It has a wide web spray design and is waterproof, flexible, and translucent. It is appropriate for adhesive applications with leather, cardboard, most plastics, and textiles.

Misty Gum and Candle Wax Remover is a gum-removing product that contains a refrigerant that freezes the gum, making it easy to remove. It can be used on non-porous surfaces such as tables, chairs, and floors.

Si-Dry Silicone Spray Lubricant is a medium-viscosity, fast-drying silicone spray. Because it is colorless, odorless, and non-staining, you can use it to provide gentle lubrication for various materials. Its intended applications are in the food and textile sectors.

Use Zep Inc Brands / Misty Specialized Cleaning Formulations if you want to maintain your home or office clean and spotless. These innovative cleaning products will assist you in tackling even the most difficult cleaning difficulties, leaving your surfaces looking as good as new!

Discovering the right product mix is essential to developing an effective and efficient cleaning program. As a proven leader in professional Facility Maintenance, Zep Inc Brands / Misty has formulated a multitude of labor-saving products that serve your varied janitorial objectives. From windows and walls, to furniture and floors, Zep Inc Brands / Misty has a product created to achieve your goals.

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