Furniture Cleaners & Polishes by Amrep Misty

Keep Your Furniture Looking New with Amrep Misty Furniture Cleaners and Polishes

One of Amrep's highly regarded products is its line of furniture cleaners and polishes. Designed to maintain the appearance and condition of your furniture, this product line offers various cleaning solutions that cater to different furniture types.

Amrep Misty Furniture Polish is a multipurpose product that provides your furniture with the best possible protection. Your furniture is not only cleaned by the polish, but its appearance is enhanced by its original luster. This polish comes in an aerosol container, making the application simple and even. Misty Furniture Polish is ideal for use in homes, businesses, resorts, and other establishments.

For those looking for an all-purpose furniture cleaner, Amrep Misty Furniture Cleaner is an excellent choice. The cleaner is specially formulated to remove dirt, grime, and stains from all types of furniture surfaces.

Your leather furniture can be cleaned and protected using Amrep Misty Leather Cleaning and Conditioner. Natural oils and emollients in the product serve to nurture and shield the leather, keeping it from drying out and cracking. Also, this item includes a gentle detergent that thoroughly cleans and shines the leather surface by removing dirt, filth, and stains.

For those with vinyl or metal furniture, Amrep Misty Vinyl and Metal Cleaner is the ideal solution. The product effectively removes dirt, grime, and stains from vinyl and metal surfaces, restoring their natural shine and appearance. The cleaner is specially formulated to be non-abrasive, making it safe for use on delicate surfaces.

Amrep Misty Furniture Cleaners and Polishes offer an extensive range of products that cater to different furniture types. The products are easy to use, effective, and provide superior protection for your furniture, ensuring it remains in excellent condition for longer.

Discovering the right product mix is essential to developing an effective and efficient cleaning program. As a proven leader in professional Facility Maintenance, Amrep has formulated a multitude of labor-saving products that serve your varied janitorial objectives. From windows and walls, to furniture and floors, Amrep has a product created to achieve your goals.

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