Floor Cleaners by Zep Inc Brands / Misty

Floor Cleaners by Zep Inc Brands / Misty: Keeping Your Floors Spotless and Safe

Zep Inc Brands / Misty line of floor cleaners, including the Aspire Dust Mop Treatment, offer high-performance cleaning solutions for a variety of floor surfaces. Without wax or silicone, this cleaner resists slipping and damaging your floors. The Aspire Dust Mop Treatment eliminates the need for sweeping compounds and reduces dust accumulation.

The Misty Neutral Floor Cleaner EP with a lemon fragrance breaks up and disperses stubborn dirt and oil deposits without damaging floor finishes. Misty Crystal Clear RTU Dust Mop Treatment and Misty Dust Mop Treatment are non-oily and leave a dry, protective film on the surface of floors, making them ideal for use on wood, linoleum, vinyl, rubber, and other surfaces. When treated with this compound, the mop heads will hold particles until your mop is cleaned perfectly. The 360-degree valve of the water-based dust mop treatment makes it easy to spray upside down. With a pleasant pine fragrance, this mop treatment is best for treating dust mops, cloths, mops, and HVAC filters.

The X-Wax Floor Stripper is a powerful formulation that removes years of wax and build-up from floors, including under desks, tables, and counters. An inverted valve actuator of this floor stripper allows use while standing. The dense foam of this X-Wax stripper clings to vertical surfaces and corners, and wax buildup can be quickly emulsified by chemical action for speedy removal. It is best suited for usage under tables, counters, walls, and floor areas.

Whether you're cleaning a gymnasium floor, marble, or natural stone, Zep Inc Brands / Misty floor cleaners offer safe and effective solutions for a range of surfaces. Trust in Zep Inc Brands’ quality products like Aspire dust mop treatment, Misty Crystal Clear dust mop treatment, Neutral Floor Cleaner, and X-Wax Floor Stripper for keeping your floors spotless and safe for all who walk on them.

Can application of the wrong floor chemical cost your business? The effects of damaging chemicals and poor maintenance can cost you and your customers thousand of dollars to repair or replace. Such a detrimental mistake could cost you your reputation. Choosing a product that is designed to maintain and enhance a floor's appearance as well as protect its structural integrity is essential to maximizing the floor's lifespan. Fortify your floors by finding the Misty Floor Care solution that is right for you.

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