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X-Wax Floor Stripper - (12) 18-oz. Aerosol Cans

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Item Description:

X-Wax Stripper

Wax stripper is a specific formulation developed to let chemistry do the hard work of removing years of wax and buildup on tile, wood, linoleum and composition tile. All waxes and floor finishes (including acrylic and polymer) leave excessive and very heavy coatings of old wax in every area where foot traffic is minimal: under desks, tables, counters, along walls, all floor areas that are not exposed to normal foot traffic.

This wax and finish build up becomes unsightly, turns yellow or brown with age and is difficult to maintain properly for the well kept, glossy appearance that is most desirable for floors in offices, institutions, hotels, hospitals and public places. This excellent product leaves your floor clean and ready for that new wax to be applied. Wax build up is quickly emulsified by chemical action for easy, speedy removal.

No waiting, no delay...minimum work, maximum stripping.

  • Foaming Baseboard Cleaner
  • Easily Removes Wax & Finish Buildup
  • Dense Foam Clings to Vertical Surfaces & Corners
  • Inverted Valve Actuator Allows Use While Standing
  • Paint & Plastic Safe Formula
  • UPC: 723783201333

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