Carpet Cleaners by Zep Inc Brands / Misty

Revive Your Carpets with Zep Inc Brands / Misty Carpet Cleaners

If your carpets are looking dull, stained, or have lost their original luster, Zep Inc Brands Misty Carpet Cleaners have got you covered. Their products are specifically designed to combat all types of carpet stains, spots, and soiling, leaving your carpets looking brand new. Here are some of their best carpet cleaning products:

EDF-3 Carpet Cleaner Defoamer: This product is perfect for controlling foam in all types of aqueous systems. It's a concentrated defoaming agent that measures 1 oz for each gallon of extractor recovery tank capacity. This defoamer uses silicone emulsion technology and is non-flammable, making it safe and efficient.

Heavy-Duty Carpet Spot and Stain Remover: This specially formulated carpet spot remover is perfect for localized stains due to oil, tar, grease, ink, and many more. It's fortified with enzymes and has an inverted valve actuator that allows you to use it while standing. This product has a pleasant, fresh fragrance that leaves your carpets smelling fresh and clean.

Misty Gum and Candle Wax Remover: This gum-removing product is perfect for removing chewing gum, wax, and adhesives from tables, chairs, floors, and other non-porous surfaces. It has a freezing action formula that quickly freezes deposits, making them easy to remove without causing any harm to the surfaces.

Redi-Steam Low Foam Carpet Extraction Cleaner: This concentrated, low-foaming carpet cleaning product is perfect for use with cold or hot water extraction machines or steam cleaning units. It's specially formulated with wetting agents, water softeners, penetrants, and detergents for high performance in extraction cleaning. This carpet cleaning product is safe for stain-resistant 5th generation nylon fibers and has a professional-strength odor counteractant to keep areas smelling fresh and clean.

Zep Inc Brands / Misty Carpet Cleaners are the perfect solution for maintaining and restoring the appearance of your carpets. With a wide range of products that cater to different carpet cleaning needs, these cleaners are effective and efficient.

Can application of the wrong floor chemical cost your business? The effects of damaging chemicals and poor maintenance can cost you and your customers thousand of dollars to repair or replace. Such a detrimental mistake could cost you your reputation. Choosing a product that is designed to maintain and enhance a floor's appearance as well as protect its structural integrity is essential to maximizing the floor's lifespan. Fortify your floors by finding the Misty Floor Care solution that is right for you.

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