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Top Selling Health Equipment of MJM

MJM International Corporation is a manufacturer and distributor of healthcare equipment and products, specializing in PVC products that are durable, lightweight, and easy to clean. Let us check out their top sellers here.

Shower Chair: MJM's shower chairs are designed with a deluxe elongated open front seat to provide comfort and stability for patients while bathing.

PVC All Purpose Dual Shower Transfer Chair: This chair is designed for assisting caregivers when transferring patients to and from the bathtub.

400 Series PVC Frame Walker: The 400 Series Walker is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, with large wheels for added stability and maneuverability.

100 Series Bariatric Shower Chair: This chair is designed to support patients who require extra weight capacity. It features a reinforced frame, wider seat, and backrest for added comfort and support.

193 Reclining Shower Chair: The 193 shower chair is designed for patients who require a more relaxed and comfortable shower experience.

200 Series PVC Frame Single Laundry Hamper with Foot Pedal: The 200 Series laundry hamper is designed for easy and hygienic transport of laundry.

300 Series PVC Shelf Mini Linen Cart: The 300 Series linen cart is designed for convenient and efficient transport of linens and other materials.

1000 Series PVC Emergency Crash Cart: The 1000 Series crash cart is designed for emergency medical equipment.

PVC Frame Flame Retardant Privacy Screen: This privacy screen is designed to provide patients with added privacy and comfort.

7000 Series Therapy Ball Storage Rack: The 7000 Series Therapy Ball Storage Rack is designed for convenient storage and organization of therapy balls.

800 Series Portable Hydration Cart: The 800 Series Hydration Cart is designed for easy and hygienic transport of hydration supplies with an ice chest and ice scoop.

Top sellers at MJM International offer high quality products, so when it is time to choose, you do not have to think twice!

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