1000 Series - Crash Carts by MJM International

1000 Series PVC Emergency Crash Carts from MJM

The MJM PVC Emergency Crash Cart is the perfect solution for rapid and efficient emergency response in hospitals. This cart is made of high-quality, 100% virgin PVC material and is robust, lightweight, and easy to move, enabling the rapid transfer of medical equipment and supplies during emergency situations. The MJM socket depth is 1-1/2" compared to 1-1/4" on most other manufacturers' products, providing a firm foundation for the connection between the pipe and fittings.

The MJM 1000 Series crash carts have numerous compartments and pull-out storage tubs and bins for storing important emergency supplies like oxygen tanks, suction machines, IV equipment, and other life-saving things. Medical supplies can be stored in the storage tubs. The top tray can also be utilized to keep frequently used items close at hand, allowing for quick access in an emergency. There is a special crash cart for the MRI personnel.

The cart's nylon-threaded, smooth-rolling stem casters provide stability and simplicity of movement, allowing medical workers to drive the cart around tight corners and through packed hospital hallways quickly and efficiently.

The MJM 100 series also comes with a number of accessories. There is an optional hood cover that only covers the top of the shelf. MJM sells cart side panel covers, CPR boards, CPR board bags, and entire cart covers. They are all available at UnoClean.

are the perfect solutions for hospitals, clinics, and emergency response teams.

You can give a dependable and efficient response during medical emergencies with MJM PVC Emergency Crash Carts and Accessories. Get yours today and be ready for any situation that may arise!

Emergency Crash Carts & Code Carts are used in hospital emergency rooms for transportation and dispensing of medication and equipment in the event of life support emergency.

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MJM uses 100% Virgin PVC materials (Furniture Grade / Healthcare Grade) throughout their entire product line of Commercial Plastic & PVC Laundry Carts, Hampers, Linen Carts, Logistics Equipment & Accessories.

The 1-1/4" pipe used on all products has a weight of .425 - .434 pounds per foot. Independent impact tests have been performed with exceptional results. In addition, MJM extensively tests all PVC products to ensure they meet the rigorous demands of your healthcare environment.

As proven leaders in the industry, there is no comparison; MJM's PVC fittings have 20% more socket depth than others. The MJM socket depth is 1-1/2" compared to the 1-1/4" socket depth, found on most products from other manufacturers, thus producing a solid foundation to the connection between the pipe and fittings since more surface area of the pipe is glued inside the fitting.

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