Echo Series - Linen Carts by MJM International

Echo Series Linen Carts from MJM International

Go no farther than MJM International's high-quality linen carts for a practical, cost-effective, and efficient way to move linens at your healthcare facility, hotel, or nursing home!

These linen carts are made of tough and solid materials to survive the rigors of regular use. They are made of medical-grade PVC pipe and fittings and have built-in stabilizers that restrict the growth of bacteria and fungi, assisting in infection control. The carts have smooth-rolling, nylon-threaded stem casters for optimum movement, making it simple to transport linens from room to room. MJM meticulously tests all PVC products to guarantee they meet the severe criteria of any healthcare facility.

The cart cover is constructed of high-quality standard mesh that is breathable, mildew-resistant, and available in a variety of colors. The long-lasting vinyl is antibacterial and simple to clean. They are flame-retardant, have excellent tear and tensile strengths, and may be utilized for an extended period of time.

To fulfill your individual requirements, MJM linen carts are available in a number of sizes and combinations. Select from models with one to several shelves to store and transport linens of various sizes and sorts. These linen carts' sleek and modern form not only provides a practical solution for moving linens, but they also blend in with the decor of any facility. They are simple to clean and maintain, ensuring that they will last for many years.

These linen carts can be disassembled for shipping by removing any removable shelves and compressing the frame to reduce their size for transit. As a result, you can save money on shipping costs.

Invest in MJM Echo Series Linen Carts for a simple, streamlined, and cost-effective method of moving and storing linens in your facilities. Buy now and enjoy the ease and durability of MJM linen carts!

Hospital & Healthcare Grade PVC Pipe Frame Linen Carts provide an economical alternative to metal wire frame linen carts. Healthcare Grade PVC Pipe & Fittings feature Built-in Stabilizers (or protection) that inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi, are reinforced at stress related areas and ship "Knocked-Down" for shipping savings.


MJM uses 100% Virgin PVC materials (Furniture Grade / Healthcare Grade) throughout their entire product line of Commercial Plastic & PVC Laundry Carts, Hampers, Linen Carts, Logistics Equipment & Accessories.

The 1-1/4" pipe used on all products has a weight of .425 - .434 pounds per foot. Independent impact tests have been performed with exceptional results. In addition, MJM extensively tests all PVC products to ensure they meet the rigorous demands of your healthcare environment.

As proven leaders in the industry, there is no comparison; MJM's PVC fittings have 20% more socket depth than others. The MJM socket depth is 1-1/2" compared to the 1-1/4" socket depth, found on most products from other manufacturers, thus producing a solid foundation to the connection between the pipe and fittings since more surface area of the pipe is glued inside the fitting.

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