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Paper Towels and Dispensers from Georgia Pacific

Georgia Pacific paper towels and dispensers help maintain a hygienic and organized environment while also providing convenient access to paper towel products.

The Mark II Crank Roll Towel Dispenser is a durable and cost-effective solution for towel dispensing, capable of holding one 8- or 9-inch wide roll towel.

The Singlefold Towel Dispenser is a compact, durable steel dispenser with an enamel finish that features a key-lock design to minimize pilferage.

The SofPull CenterPull Hand Towel Dispenser is a smoke-colored, sanitary dispenser that allows for easy, one-handed tearing of towels, with each sheet dispensing fully opened and ready to use towels.

The Vista Center-Pull Paper Towel Dispenser is a smoke-colored, high-capacity dispenser with a durable and washable high-impact plastic design.

The BigFold Z C-Fold Hand Paper Towels are one-ply, white towels with 11 x 9-1/4 sheets, designed with a Z-fold for easy dispensing and enhanced absorbency.

The Hardwound Roll Paper Towel is an embossed, nonperforated, one-ply towel that offers both softness and absorbency, with roll lengths of 400 ft and 1000 ft.

The High-Cap Nonperforated Paper Towel is an unscented, one-ply towel available in both 800-ft and 1000-ft rolls with a width of 7 7/8" for high-capacity usage.

The C-Fold Paper Towel is a high-quality, general-purpose folded paper towel that measures 10-1/4 x 13-1/4 inches.

The Envision 1-Ply Multifold Paper Towels are high-quality, embossed towels made from a minimum of 40% post-consumer recycled paper with a sheet size of 9-1/2 x 9-1/4 inches. The Envision Singlefold Towels are 10-1/4 x 9-1/4" in sheet size. The Envision Jumbo Perforated Paper Towels are two-ply towels with 11 x 8 4/5" sheets.

The Preference Multifold Paper Towel is a high-quality, unscented paper towel that is absorbent and effective at quickly and thoroughly drying hands.

The Acclaim Nonperforated 1-Ply Roll Towels are a high-quality, embossed towel option that is primarily designed for hand-drying in washrooms and has a 7.8" width.

Georgia-Pacific paper towels and dispensers are crucial for promoting cleanliness and convenience in a range of settings, including households, hospitals, and public places.

Georgia Pacific is one of the world's leading manufacturer's of paper products. Georgia Pacific offers everything from manual to hands-free towel dispensers which can dispense center fold or multi-fold paper towels.

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