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Vacuum cleaners from Bissell

    Bissell vacuum cleaners are designed to be simple to use. Bissell vacuums outperform competitors in carpet and hard surface cleaning.
  • The Little Hercules Canister Vacuum has a small footprint, strong suction, and requires little maintenance.
  • The BGCOMP9 Commercial Canister Vacuum is a commercial HEPA canister vacuum ideal for cleaning clean rooms, salons, spas, hotels, schools, cafés, restaurants, and healthcare institutions.
  • The Bissell ProHeat DeepClean Essential carpet cleaning system and the ProHeat 2X upright vacuum cleaner make deep cleaning simple. They use the DirtLifter PowerBrush and Heat Wave technology to remove imbedded dirt, stains, allergens, and odors that vacuums cannot reach.
  • The ProTough Commercial Upright Vacuum has a 12" cleaning path and a shakeout cloth bag. Bissell's 12" and 16" ProShake Upright Vacuums are similar to the ProTough. They have a magnet bar that picks up paper clips, staples, and other small metal objects off floors. This series' 12" and 16" ProBag Advance Filtration Upright Vacuums employ a top-fill, high-filtration disposable filter bag, whereas the 12" ProCup Upright Vacuum uses a dirt cup and a bagless design. The ProCup Bagless Upright Vacuum with onboard tools is suitable for cleaning a wide range of surfaces, including bare floors, high carpet, and upholstered furniture.
  • The Bissell 12" Heavy Duty Upright Vacuum with on-board tools includes a plethora of attachments, such as an upholstery brush, a dusting brush, a crevice tool, a telescopic wand, and a stretch hose. The Bissell Lightweight Upright Vacuum Cleaner weighs under 8 pounds! It has 13" high-speed balanced roller brushes with soft wheels to preserve wood flooring.
  • The PowerForce Upright Vacuum Pro features a 13" cleaning path. This bagged upright vacuum cleaner is capable of cleaning a wide range of surfaces, including hard floors, high carpets, and upholstered furniture. The Dual Motor Upright Vacuum with a 14" path is a commercial-grade vacuum with tools and attachments on board. The Battery-Operated Upright Vacuum combines a powerful floor vacuum with a removable portable vacuum in a sleek, modern unit. There is no cord to plug in or impede movement.
  • The Extra Wide 28" Vacuum Cleaner is designed to swiftly and efficiently clean vast areas. The BG-CC28 is designed for long service life in harsh environments.
  • The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Upright Vacuum is intended to remove and manage pet hair and odors.
  • The AirRam is a ground-breaking design that blends its ultra-lightweight nature with tremendous cleaning convenience.
  • The BGC3000B Multi-Function Battery Canister Vacuum is ideal for salons, spas, barber shops, restaurants, and other commercial settings. This multipurpose machine cleans carpets, upholstery, and other surfaces.

Bissell's premium vacuums are engineered to provide high suction and exceptional deep cleaning performance, giving you the maximum in convenience and dependability.

Bissell vacuum cleaners are designed for easy handling and operation. Bissell vacuums provide superior performance in carpet and hard surface cleaning.

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