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Floor Sweepers from Bissell

You can clean your floor spaces like a pro with Bissell floor sweepers. Bissell’s top-of-the-line floor cleaners are designed for superior cleaning performance. Whether you're a professional cleaner or just looking for an effective home cleaning solution, Bissell has the perfect floor sweeper for you.

The Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop cleans and sanitizes hard floors and can eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria. You can customize your cleaning with its variable, digital steam control.

The Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet Sweeper is great for quick cleaning in busy households on wood, tile, carpet, vinyl, and laminate floors. The convenient handle lies flat under furniture for effective cleaning. It has a quiet operation.

The BG series includes the manual floor sweepers with the 6.5" and 7.5" cleaning paths. These manual sweepers are great for restaurants and kitchens. The soft rubber can be used on a variety of floor surfaces, making the manual sweeper ideal for cleaning low-pile carpet and bare floors. The BG21 model features dual rubber brushes, while the BG22 model features a single rubber brush for cleaning up wet messes in the kitchen. The BG23 and BG25 models feature tufted and twisted brushes to help pick up debris from carpets and rugs.

The Bissell Cordless Floor Sweeper is extremely lightweight and powerful. Its roller brush sweeps dirt and bulkier items into its dustpan, which is easily removed for emptying.

The Bissell BG477 Push Power Sweeper has a 31" cleaning path, while the Deluxe Triple Brush Power Sweeper BG497 has a 38" path. They feature a turbo sweeping system to sweep twice as much with one move. The two front brushes rotate in opposite directions, grabbing the debris directly in front of the sweeper, while the brush roller on the bottom picks up all the fine particles. The BG677 Push Power Sweeper, with its 31" path, is a highly efficient battery powered walk-behind sweeper of the BG Series.

Use Bissell’s professional-grade sweepers to keep your floors clean in a flash. Bissell has a wide selection of floor sweepers to assist you in maintaining your facility clean and safe for everyone.

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