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Little Hercules Compact Canister Vacuum

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Item Description:

Little Hercules Canister Vacuum

A powerful, small canister vacuum on wheels! The Little Hercules compact design, powerful suction, and low maintenance disposal system provides a great solution for when an extra vacuum is needed. The Little Hercules is a handheld canister vacuum that puts dust busters to shame! It is ultra-portable and powerful with its 1000 watt motor.

The canister vacuum has a 5 foot extension hose, and its suction control provides versatility for all surface types. It also has a 2-in-1 floor tool and two extension wands for those hard-to-reach places and a 15 foot power cord and carry handle for easy use.

2-in-1 floor tool and two extension wands
5 feet
1000 watts
Power Cord:
15 feet
Sound Pressure:
84 DBA
2 Rear with a steering wheel

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