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Stylish and Sturdy Waste Receptacles from Alpine Industries

Alpine Industries' receptacles serve the purpose of disposing of waste efficiently. The Alpine Industries 10 L and 20 L Stainless Steel Slim Open Trash Cans feature a large diameter opening for waste disposal access and will keep any space clean and tidy.

For busy and high-traffic commercial areas, the Open Top 17-Gallon Trash Can is a great solution as it is always open for easy trash disposal and has a large 17-gallon capacity, reducing the frequency of bag changes. The Alpine Industries 40-Gallon Outdoor Trash Container is another strong and durable waste receptacle that can withstand all weather conditions. It is available with perforated galvanized steel or stone decorative panels, and adjustable legs ensure stable support on uneven surfaces.

The Outdoor Metal Trash Receptacle from Alpine Industries is a robust, fully welded receptacle with a stainless steel body strengthened with rolled edges and circular bands. Its 38-gallon volume and polyester powder finish serve as barriers against damage and graffiti. The rain bonnet lid keeps snow and rain out of the trash can.

For recycling purposes, Alpine Industries offers the Two Bin 28-Gallon Recycling Center, which is lightweight and easily assembled. The bins are strong and durable and are best used as containers for disposable trash bags. The Alpine Industries 40-L/10.5-Gallon Stainless Steel Slim Open Trash Can with Dual Compartment has a large diameter opening for waste disposal access and can serve as a recycling and waste receptacle in one.

For smoking areas, Alpine Industries provides the Wall-Mounted Smoking Receptacle Tower and the All-in-One Wall-Mounted Cigarette Disposal Station. These smoking receptacles are made from durable steel and are weather and fire-resistant.

Alpine’s sanitary napkin disposal receptacle is a specially designed waste bin for disposing of used sanitary napkins or feminine hygiene products.

Alpine Industries offers a wide range of high-quality and durable commercial-grade products for waste management, including open trash cans, recycling centers, trash can covers, sanitary napkin receptacles, and trash can keys.

Alpine Industries now offers high quality waste receptacles for residential and commercial use.

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