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Dry Your Hands Efficiently with Alpine Industries Hand Dryers

The Willow Hand Dryer and the Hemlock Hand Dryer, two high-speed automated hand dryers from Alpine Industries, both have a distinctive appearance with a blue light for speedy hand drying. These hand dryers include a number of features that make them an excellent and affordable choice for quickly drying your hands.

The Willow Hand Dryer and the Hemlock Hand Dryer are available in different colors. The Willow hand dryer is enhanced with heat and speed control in addition to a HEPA filter to remove microorganisms from the input air. Both hand dryers have an efficient 25000 RPM motor that will dry your hands in just 10 seconds, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. For quick and simple installation, they can be hardwired or plugged in. They automatically turn on when hands are placed below and turn off when they are removed. Both hand dryers also feature an auto-stop function in case your hands are not removed even after 63 seconds. These dryers are excellent for your washrooms and can save you up to 95% on the cost of paper towels by purchasing them.

In addition, Alpine Industries offers a recess kit, the 400-RECESS, which works with all Hemlock hand dryers. This kit reduces the protrusion of the dryer to less than 4 inches from the wall to meet ADA requirements when the dryer is installed in a narrow passage. Furthermore, Alpine Industries offers replacement keys, the 443-K, that work for all Alpine plastic soap dispensers.

Alpine Industries offers high-speed automatic hand dryers with HEPA filters, heat and speed controls, and blue light technology for efficiency and hygiene. Available in various colors and with options for quick installation and ADA compliance, these hand dryers are the best option for drying your hands in a jiffy!

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