Scouring Pads & Sponges by 3M

Scouring Pads and Sponges by 3M

The 3M Scouring Pads and Sponges are the best cleaning products for a variety of surfaces. These cleaning pads and sponges are the best option for delicate surfaces like glassware or tough stains on pots and pans. The innovative features and durable construction of these scouring tools enable them to provide long-lasting cleaning power while also being gentle enough for everyday usage.

The Scotch-Brite Dobie Cleaning Scouring Pads are a versatile and uncomplicated cleaning product that poses no risk of surface damage. The soft and flexible design of these pads makes them perfect for cleaning tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas. Also, they are suggested for use on nonstick cookware and dishes, providing effective yet delicate cleaning for your kitchen requirements.

The Scotch-Brite General Purpose Scrub Pad is an improved version of the well-known Scotch-Brite General Purpose Scouring Pad 96 in that it is thicker and hand-sized. Because of its convenient size, which eliminates the need to cut or fold the pad, the pad is the appropriate size and shape for the task at hand. This scrub pad is perfect for a range of uses, including cleaning kitchen appliances, walls, ceilings, floors, workstations, and stairways. It also offers exceptional cleaning power and ease.

The Scotch-Brite Purple Scour Pad is a powerful cleaning tool designed to handle the toughest cleaning jobs. It cleans your dirtiest pots and pans twice as fast as regular heavy-duty scouring pads since it causes less scratching. Moreover, the pad's unusual web construction can handle even the most challenging cleaning operations, and food residue is easily removed from the pad by rinsing it.

Use the 3M scouring pads and sponges to find the best cleaning results.

Scotch-Brite pads are a versatile and effective cleaning solution for a range of surfaces and cleaning requirements. Whether you're looking for a tough scouring pad or a delicate cleaning sponge, Scotch-Brite has a range of products to suit your needs and provides great cleaning power and convenience.

Providing dual & triple-action absorbing and cleaning with a wide range of scouring levels.

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