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Soap Refills, Sanitizers, Paper Towel Dispensers from Kimberly Clark

Soap dispensers are essential for encouraging good hygiene habits and halting the spread of bacteria and germs. To satisfy the various demands of consumers, Kimberly Clark produces a range of hand soaps, including foaming soaps, antimicrobial soaps, and lotion soaps. You can choose from the Scott Antibacterial Foam Skin Cleanser, Scott Hand Cleanser with Floral Scent, Scott Foam Skin Cleanser, Scott Pro Foam Hair and Body Wash, Scott Control Antiseptic Foam Skin Cleanser, Kimcare General Golden Lotion Soap, and Scott Foam Skin Cleanser with Moisturizer. The 1200-ml refills for Scott Skin Cleanser, Foam Skin Cleanser with Moisturizer, and Antibacterial Foam Hand Cleanser for the electronic cassette skin care dispensers are also available here.

When soap and water are not accessible, hand sanitizers are a useful and practical approach to destroying bacteria and germs on hands. The Kleenex Instant Hand Sanitizer and the Scott Pro Moisturizing Foam Hand Sanitizer are available at UnoClean.

By giving individuals a hygienic and practical option to dry their hands, paper towels and towel dispensers play a crucial role in fostering good hygiene habits and halting the spread of germs. You can choose from the Scott Roll Control Center-Pull Paper Towel Dispenser. In-Sight JRT Jumbo Jr. Tissue Dispenser, In-Sight JRT Jumbo Combo Tissue Dispenser, In-Sight Towel Dispenser, Omni Roll Paper Towel Dispenser, In-Sight SaniTouch Hard Roll Towel Dispenser, In-Sight Universal Paper Towel Dispenser, the In-Sight Sr. Center Dispenser, the Coreless JRT Jr. Bath Tissue Dispenser E-Z Load, the Reflections Coreless Double Roll Tissue Dispenser, the Windows SaniTouch Roll Towel Dispenser, and more. They are all available at UnoClean.

Using seat cover dispensers is a hygienic and practical way to ensure that users of public toilets have access to clean and sanitary toilet seats. The Reflections Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser and the Scott Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser are available at UnoClean.

In addition to supporting good health and wellbeing, Kimberly Clark's selection of soap refills, sanitizers, towel dispensers, and toilet seat cover dispensers offers a complete solution for upholding hygienic conditions in public toilets.

Kimberely Clark Bathroom Tissue

Kimberly-Clark trusted brands such as Kleenex, Scott, WypAll Jackson Safety and Kimcare are made using fiber-efficient technology, include post-consumer recycled content that meets or exceeds EPA guidelines, and utilize efficient packaging that reduces waste.

Kimberly Clark is an American multinational corporation that produces a large amount of paper-based consumer products. The company manufactures sanitary paper products, Workplace rags and Industrial paper, Hand soaps and sanitizers, and finally Safety Products such as coveralls and nitrle gloves. Kimberly-Clark brand name products include Kleenex facial tissue, Kotex feminine hygiene products, Cottonelle, Scott, Wypall utility wipes, and KimWipes scientific cleaning wipes

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