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Sanitizing and disinfectant products from Kimberly Clarke

Sanitizing and disinfection products from Kimberly Clarke are designed to get rid of germs and bacteria on the skin's surface, reducing the risk of infection and sickness. Many of their products are available at UnoClean.

The Scott Pro Moisturizing Foam Hand Sanitizer is a product designed to clean and sanitize hands without the need for water. For crowded areas, it is an economical and sensible option.

The KLEENEX Instant Hand Sanitizer removes 99.9% of germs in just 15 seconds, without the use of water or towels. It has a sweet citrus fragrance.

With its luxurious foam texture, Scott Control Antiseptic Foam Skin Cleanser effectively destroys germs while gently cleaning hands. It is a premium antibacterial soap.

The Scott Pro Foam Hair and Body Wash, which provides a protein-enriched alternative to bar soap and rinses clean without leaving any residue, is a convenient and effective option for personal hygiene.

Conventional cleaning methods can be labor-intensive and inefficient. In order to disinfect and sanitize surfaces more consistently, use the WETTASK System Bleach Disinfectants and Sanitizer wipes and the WETTASK System Quat Disinfectants and Sanitizer wipes.

KIMTECH PREP SCOTTPURE Wipers and KIMTECH PREP SCOTTPURE Critical Work Wipers are especially designed for accurate and reliable tasks with superior absorbency and low-lint wiping performance.

Both the Kimcare General Golden Lotion Soap with the Citrus Fragrance and Scott Lotion Hand Soap in Floral Smell are softly scented cleansers that work well to remove mild dirt and grease, leaving hands feeling clean and fresh.

With 0.5% Triclosan, the Antibacterial Foam Skin Cleanser in Fresh Fragrance is a delightful foam hand cleanser that is an efficient choice for eradicating germs and keeping hands clean.

The harsh cleaning chemical in WypAll Waterless Hand Wipes effectively eliminates grease, filth, ink, and paint while hydrating the skin.

A safer and healthier environment is ensured for everyone with the help of Kimberly Clarke's selection of sanitizing and disinfection products, which provide practical and efficient ways to maintain hygiene and keep surfaces clean.

Kimberely Clark Bathroom Tissue

Kimberly-Clark trusted brands such as Kleenex, Scott, WypAll Jackson Safety and Kimcare are made using fiber-efficient technology, include post-consumer recycled content that meets or exceeds EPA guidelines, and utilize efficient packaging that reduces waste.

Kimberly Clark is an American multinational corporation that produces a large amount of paper-based consumer products. The company manufactures sanitary paper products, Workplace rags and Industrial paper, Hand soaps and sanitizers, and finally Safety Products such as coveralls and nitrle gloves. Kimberly-Clark brand name products include Kleenex facial tissue, Kotex feminine hygiene products, Cottonelle, Scott, Wypall utility wipes, and KimWipes scientific cleaning wipes

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