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Glove Dispensers from Omnimed

Omnimed provides a selection of tough and simple-to-use glove dispensers, including single, double, and triple box holders; acrylic and stainless steel alternatives; and PETG models that are environmentally friendly.

The Acrylic Isolation Station is a slim, space-saving dispenser that can carry gloves, gowns, and masks, making personal protection equipment (PPE) supplies accessible and simple to use.

The Security Glove Box Holder's side panel has a flat key lock that restricts user access. It is made of stainless steel that has been spot-welded for a sleek appearance.

The Stainless Steel Single Glove Box Dispenser is an easy-to-use container that can hold one glove box and is installed either vertically or horizontally on a variety of surfaces. Three glove boxes can be held in the Triple Stainless Steel Glove Box Holder.

The Adjustable Glove Box Holder is a multipurpose holder that can be placed vertically or horizontally on a variety of surfaces and can handle any size glove box. It is made of sturdy metal.

The Economy Triple Wire Glove Box Holder and the Deluxe Triple Wire Glove Box Holder are affordable and simple to clean holders that can be used in medical, laboratory, and food preparation settings. They are made of heavy-gauge steel wire with a powder-coated finish.

The Omni Triple Glove Box Holder is made of sturdy 20 gauge steel that is wrapped in vinyl for longevity. It is simple to clean and is designed to withstand years of rigorous use.

The Eco-Friendly PETG Single Glove Box Dispenser is made of recyclable material and is harder than acrylic. It can contain one glove box, is easy to clean, and can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. The Eco-Friendly PETG Double Glove Box Dispenser and the Eco-Friendly PETG Triple Glove Box Dispensers can handle two and three glove boxes each respectively.

The Triple Deluxe Acrylic Glove Box Holder is a distinctive and sturdy side-loading container that has strong molded separators to keep each glove box separate.

The trustworthy glove dispensers from Omnimed will let you keep gloves close at hand.

Disposable Glove Box Holders that allow easy access to disposable apparel in exam rooms, hospitals, laboratories and more. Our Disposable Glove Box Holders are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit any volume of usage. Available in stainless steel, white steel, wire, and acrylic.

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