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Triple Glove Box Holder - Clear Deluxe Acrylic

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  • Manufacturer:Omnimed
  • Product Type:Glove Box Holder
  • Size:10.13" W x 16" H x 4.13" D
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Item Description:

Triple Deluxe Acrylic Glove Box Holder

Restocking glove boxes can be bothersome, especially when it is the bottom box that is empty. This inventive side-loading glove box holder has molded dividers that are incredibly strong and durable to keep each glove box separated from the other. The side-loading dispenser makes switching out a fresh glove box for an empty one simple and fast.


  • No need to remove other boxes for an exchange
  • Boxes slide independently from dispenser
  • Designed to hold most brand of gloves
  • Visual reminder to promote glove wearing
  • Constructed from 3/16" thick clear acrylic
  • Measures: 10.13" W x 16" H x 4.13" D

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