Green Drain Odor and Pest Control

Eco-Friendly Green Drain Odor and Pest Control Solutions from Nilodor

While food particles, grease, and sugary liquids can create conditions for pests to thrive in drains, it's important to note that using chemicals to flush drains can be harmful to the environment and may not be effective in the long term. Green Drain Odor and Pest Control Solutions from Nilodor are a more sustainable and effective alternative. They use natural and eco-friendly ingredients to eliminate odors and deter pests without harming the environment. These solutions can be cost-effective and provide long-lasting results, making them a great choice for both residential and commercial applications.

A Green Drain Floor Drain Trap Seal prevents pests, dangerous bacteria, gasses, and odors from spreading in drain outlets. It works by creating a water barrier that seals the drain trap and prevents harmful materials from passing through. This trap seal is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional traps, as it does not require the use of chemicals or other harmful substances. Green Drain's inline floor drain trap is made of UV-resistant ABS plastic, a silicone rubber sealing flapper, and four flexible seal ribs. The product has been tested and certified to the ASSE 1072 Standard and is listed with IAPMO and I.C.C.A. Green Drain trap seals can also be inserted into the drain housing of kitchen sinks to reduce noise and backsplash from garbage disposal units. There is no need for caulk or expensive tools to install this trap seal. The unit can be easily installed and removed. The seals of this trap seal are durable and will not break during installation or removal. This floor drain trap seal is available in 3-inch and 4-inch sizes. This seal is a perfect solution for eliminating sewer odors and keeping your floor drains clear of problems.

Reduce drain-line contamination and prevent nasty odors from getting into your home or business with Green Drain and Pest Control Solutions.

Are you noticing smelly odors from your floor or sink drains? Are you getting complaints about floor drain odors or fruit flies coming out of your drains? Then look no more...........................!

Green Drain™ is an ECO-friendly Green Build solution to prevent the spread of dangerous bacteria, drain flies, drain pest, gases and harmful odors in drain outlets and floor drains.

Green Drain™ Prevents

  • Drain Odors
  • Pest Infiltration
  • Sewer/Radon Gas Infiltration
  • Harmful Biologic Air Borne Aerosols

Unlike Other Competitors, GREEN DRAIN WATERLESS TRAPS for floor drains

  • Requires NO caulk or expensive installation tools.
  • Easy to install & easy to remove - NO pliers needed!
  • Seals tight, NO LEAKING!
  • Durable, will not break during installation or removal.
  • ECO Friendly Green Build Product


Series inline floor drain trap seal with UV resistant ABS plastic housing, silicone rubber sealing flapper and four flexible sealing ribs. Tested and certified to the ASSE 1072 Standard, UPC and listed with IAPMO & I.C.C.  

Specify connection size - 2” (51 mm), 3” (76mm), 3 1 /2” (89mm) or 4”(102mm)

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