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Soap Dishes and Holders from Bradley

Soap bowls are typically used to store soap bars. Bradley soap dishes are made with a raised platform that allows water to drain away from the soap, keeping it dry. This keeps the soap from becoming mushy and evaporating too soon. You can avoid leaving soap residue on the counter or in the shower by keeping your soap in a soap dish. A dedicated soap dish in your bathroom or shower keeps your soap in the same area and is easy to find when you need it.

You can choose from many different soap dish designs from Bradley.

The Bradley Heavy-Duty Soap Dish is made of extra-heavy-duty stainless steel and has a satin finish. It will last you for years to come.

The Bradley Stainless Steel Soap Dishes are available with and without drain holes. You can opt for a brightly polished or a satin finish.

The Stainless Steel Soap Dish with Towel Bar from Bradley has a recessed design. The removable soap tray allows for easy cleaning. The same design is available without the towel bar in polished and satin finishes.

The Chrome-Plated Soap Dish has a surface-mounted design and comes with and without drainage options. The concealed alternative is also surface mounted with a polished chrome finish but has concealed wall plates.

The Stainless Steel Soap Dish with a recessed design comes with wall clamps or mortar lugs. They are recess-mounted with a satin finish. Some options have a towel bar.

The Heavy-Duty Soap Dish is front-mounted and made from heavy-duty stainless steel with a satin finish. There are three holes in the bottom of the tray for drainage.

Using a Bradley soap dish can help prolong the life of your bar soap, reduce mess, promote hygiene, and add convenience to your daily routine.

Bradley soap dishes and holders for bathrooms and shower areas. Bradley also offers soap dishes designed for security applications.

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